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Safety Devices And Interlocks; High/Low Thermostat Control; Crankcase Heater; High Pressure Cutout - HP A0554832 User Manual

2–40 hp portable chillers
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• Three year limited controller warranty

Safety Devices and Interlocks

High/Low Thermostat Control

The high/low thermostat is a cutout device that protects the chiller system in two ways. Stage
one of the thermostat shuts down the compressor if the chilled process water/glycol
temperature approaches the particular mixture's freezing point. The chilled process
water/glycol pump will continue to run.
The high/low thermostat stage one cutout temperature is factory-set at 42ºF (5.5ºC). This is
correct for a supply water temperature of 50ºF (10ºC), the rated capacity operating
temperature. If you want lower chilled water temperatures, mix process water with glycol to
provide protection down to 20ºF (11ºC) below the operating "To Process" temperature you
want. You can then reset the high/low thermostat cutout temperature to a temperature 8ºF
(4.4ºC) below the operating temperature you want.
Stage two of the high/low thermostat shuts down the pumps, therefore shutting off the chiller,
if the chilled process water/glycol temperature rises above the selected cutout point. This
prevents possible damage to the complete process piping system due to overheating of the
components by the process water/glycol. The thermostat stage two cutout temperature is
factory set at 100ºF (38ºC). See Section 4-6 on page 36 for information about changing the
thermostat settings.
Caution! Protect the system from freezing with glycol 20ºF below the leaving water
Caution! Set high/low thermostat cutout temperature 8ºF below the set point leaving

Crankcase Heater

5 hp through 40 hp portable chillers have a crankcase heater. It is wired through the control
transformer that operates continuously whenever power is applied to the chiller.
Caution! Energize the crankcase heater for at least 24 hours before initial startup to

High Pressure Cutout

This electro-mechanical cutout device opens the compressor control circuit if the refrigeration
system compressor discharge pressure exceeds 375 psi for an air-cooled chiller and 290 psi
for a water-cooled chiller.
2-40 HP Portable Chillers
temperature set point. Condensation may form inside the pump tank and dilute
the mixture, therefore the freezing point should be verified periodically. See
Figure 6 on page 26 for the correct mixture.
water temperature.
drive dissolved refrigerant from the compressor oil. Failure to do so will
damage the compressor.
The high-pressure cutout is a manual reset device typically mounted on the
compressor discharge line inside the mechanical cabinet. Call a refrigeration
service technician to analyze the problem and reset the control.
Chapter 2: Functional Description
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