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Standard Features; Mechanical Features - HP A0554832 User Manual

2–40 hp portable chillers
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Standard Features

Mechanical Features

Compressor. Hermetic scroll compressors are used on 2 hp through 30 hp (1.49 through
23.37 kW) models. Semi-hermetic discus compressors are used on the 35 hp and 40 hp (26.20
and 29.83 kW) models.
Evaporator. Stainless steel copper brazed plate evaporators are used on 2 hp through 30 hp
models. Shell and tube evaporators are used on the 35 hp and 40 hp models.
Air-Cooled Condenser. Aluminum fin/copper tube with washable filters, package unit only.
Water-Cooled Condenser. 2 hp to 7.5 hp models use tube-in-tube condensers. 10 hp to 40
hp use cleanable shell and tube condensers. All come with cooling water regulating valves
for cooling tower water or city water.
Remote Air-Cooled Condenser. 5 hp to 50 hp only. Aluminum fin/copper tube with low
ambient control down to –20ºF (-29ºC) via pressure-actuated fan staging and a variable-speed
primary fan.
Reservoir. 2 hp and 3 1/2 hp models use a 6 gallon polyethylene tank. 5 hp and 7.5 hp
models use a 20 gallon polyethylene tank. 10 hp and 15 hp models use a 40 gallon
polyethylene tank. 20 hp to 30 hp models use an 80 gallon polyethylene tank, and 35 hp and
40 hp models use an 80 gallon stainless steel tank.
Piping. Non-ferrous piping for 2 hp through 30 hp models. 35 hp and 40 hp models have
ferrous piping.
Pump. Non-overloading ODP motors, horizontally mounted stamped stainless steel or cast
bronze construction.
Other Mechanical Features
• External fill/drain sight glass
• Low process water pressure switch on 2 hp and 3 1/2 hp models
• Low process water flow switch on 5 hp to 40 hp models
• Galvanized steel mounting rails for remote air-cooled models
• NEMA-rated fan motor(s) on air-cooled models
• Galvanized structural steel frame, painted cabinetry, with 2 1/2" swivel casters on 2 hp
and 3 1/2 hp models. 4" swivel casters on 5 hp to 15 hp models, and 5" swivel casters
with brake on 20 hp to 40 hp models.
• Valved process water connections
• Pressure-actuated process water bypass valve for system protection only; on single
pump models only
• To process 2 1/2" dual scale liquid-filled water pressure gauge
• Fully insulated refrigeration and process water piping
• Isolated fan section on air-cooled models, allowing chiller to run during maintenance
• 20 mesh Y strainer on process water piping into the evaporator
2-40 HP Portable Chillers
Chapter 2: Functional Description
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