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Assembly Instructions - Kenmore 27.32600310 Use & Care Manual

3-speed switch, adjustable height and vertical tilt
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so will may cause damage to the fan or personal injury.
If the power cord is damaged, the unit must be discarded to avoid a hazard.
This product must be disposed of properly according to local authority. By recycling, you
help save the environment.


Front Grille
Blade Cap
Mounting Nut
Rear Grille
Motor Shaft
Oscillating Knob
Motor Housing
Neck Screw
10. Switch Panel
11. Set Screw
12. Inner Tube
13. Height Adjustment Collar
14. Outer Tube
15. Base Decorative Cap
16. Crass bar Screws (4pcs)
17. Cross bar A
18. Cross bar B
19. Nut and bolt
Loosen and remove the four screws from the bars. Then interlock bar A and bar B.
Be sure to align the four holes in the bars with those on the flange of the Outer Tube.
Secure the flange to the bars with the four cross bar screws.
Loosen and remove the Height Adjustment Collar from the top of the Inner Tube. Slide the
Base Decorative Cap down over the assembled cross bars.
Replace the Height Adjustment Collar on top of the Inner Tube. Pull the Inner Tube out
from the Outer Tube to adjust the tube to the desired height and tighten the collar.
If necessary, slightly loosen the Set Screw by turning it counterclockwise. Slide the Switch
Panel down over the Inner Tube and tighten the Set Screw. Make sure the Set Screw is
tightly secured.
Unscrew the plastic mounting nut from the front of the motor housing by rotating it
Position the rear grille against the front of the motor housing with the handle uppermost,
ensuring that the locating pegs on the motor housing are engaged correctly in the holes of
the rear grille.
Tighten the Rear Grille Mounting Nut clockwise. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN IT.
Push the fan blade onto the motor shaft, locating the slot at the back of the blade on the
drive pin that passes through the motor shaft.
Tighten the blade cap by turning it counterclockwise.
Position the front grille against the rear grille so that the holes in the rims that accept the
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