Maintenance Instructions; Fuse Replacement - Kenmore 405.35090510 Use & Care Manual

9"metal fan 2 speeds, 360 adjustable tilt
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Available languages

1. Power supply cord
2. On/Off Speed Switch
3. Grille Assembly
1. Plug the fan power cord into a 120 volt
electrical outlet.
2. Speed is controlled by the Rocker On/Off
Speed Switch. (I-O-II)
l = On/Low Speed
O = Off
ll = On/High Speed
3. Adjust angle of vertical air direction by
grasping the sides of the grille assembly
and tilting it either up or down.


The fan requires little maintenance. Do not try to fix it by yourself. Refer it to
qualified service personnel if service is needed,or call Customer Assistance at
1. Before cleaning fan, always unplug it from the electrical outlet.
2. To ensure adequate air circulation to the motor, use a vacuum to keep vents
at the rear of the motor housing free from dust, fluff, etc. Do not disassemble
fan to remove dust or fluff.
CAUTION: To avoid injury from electrical shock, unplug the fan before using a
vacuum cleaner to clean the vents.
3. Wipe the exterior parts with a soft cloth soaking a mild detergent.
Do not use any abrasive detergent or solvents to avoid scratching the surface.
Do not use gasoline or paint thinner as a cleaner.
4. Do not allow water or any other liquid into the motor housing or interior parts.


1. Grasp the plug and remove it from the receptacle
or other outlet device. Do not unplug by pulling on
the cord.
2. Open the fuse cover. Slide open the fuse access
cover on top of power plug towards blades.
3. Remove the fuse carefully. Push the fuse from the other side or turn the fuse
holder over to remove the fuse.
WARNING: Risk of fire. Replace the fuse only with 2.5 A, 125 Volt fuse.
4. Close the fuse cover. Slide closed the fuse access cover on top of the
power plug.
WARNING: Risk of fire. Do not replace power plug. It contains a safety

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents