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Fan Assembly; Maintenance Instructions - Kenmore 405.34030310 Use & Care Manual

30" tower fan 3 speeds, oscillation switch
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PARTS (see Figure 1)
1. Fan Body 2. Rear Base Half (with clip for Power Cord) 3. Front Base Half
4. Base Attachment Nut 5. Power Cord


1. Unscrew the base attachment nut (4) from the bottom of fan body (1).
2. Pull power cord (5) all the way out.
3. Attach rear base half (2) and front base half (3) together by inserting the
four posts on front half into the four holes on rear half. Place assembled base
on floor.
4. Insert threaded post on bottom of fan body (1) through large center hole in
fan base. Fit Power cord (5) into power cord clip on rear base half.
5. Carefully turn fan body and base upside down, and screw base attachment
nut (4) onto threaded post to secure fan and base together. Once the nut is
tightened into place, turn fan upright to operating position.
Control Switches (Fig. 2)
1. Body oscillating switch
2. Speed switches
1. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet.
2. Push the oscillating switch (OSC) to cause
the fan body to rotate continuously left
and right to direct the air flow across a
broader space. Push again to stop oscillation.
3. The speed is controlled by pushing one of the four speed switches (2) on top of
the fan body. The four speed settings are:
OFF; L (Low); M (Medium); H (High)


The fan requires little maintenance. Do not try to fix it by yourself. Refer it to
qualified service personnel if service is needed.To inquire about possible repair,
call the following customer assistance number: 1-855-438-7899.
1. Always make sure that the fan is unplugged from any electrical outlet before
cleaning or assembly.
2. To ensure adequate air circulation to the motor, keep vents at the rear of the
motor housing free of dust, fluff, etc. A vacuum cleaner should not be used to
clean these vents. Do not disassemble the fan to remove dust.
3. Wipe the exterior parts with a soft cloth soaking a mild detergent. Do
not use any abrasive detergent or solvents that could scratch the surface. Do
not use any of the following as a cleaner: gasoline or thinner.
4. Do not allow water or any other liquid into the motor housing or interior parts.
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