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LG 32LH250H Setup Manual

Lodging guest interactive tvs.
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© Copyright 2010, LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc.
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Lodging Guest Interactive TVs
Commercial Mode Setup Guide
Note: Selected features shown within this guide may not be available on all models.
37LH260H 42LH260H
Commercial Mode Setup
page 7
b-LAN™ Setup & Overview
page 42
Cloning Information
pages 20–23
Part No: 206-4118



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  • Page 1

    Note: Selected features shown within this guide may not be available on all models. EXPERIENCED INSTALLER Commercial Mode Setup page 7 b-LAN™ Setup & Overview page 42 Cloning Information pages 20–23 Part No: 206-4118 © Copyright 2010, LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc.

  • Page 2

    • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. CAUTION: Do not attempt to modify this product in any way without written authorization from LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc. Unauthorized modification could void the user’s authority to operate this product.

  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions


  • Page 4

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Article 810 of the National Electrical Code (NEC) (in (Continued from previous page) the U.S.A.) provides information with regard to proper 19. Power Sources grounding of the mast and supporting structure, This product should be operated only from the type of grounding of the lead-in wire to an antenna-discharge power source indicated on the marking label.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    The typical Installer Remote Control shown for reference in this document may be different from the actual remote control supplied with the • For additional information, contact your LG representative. Note: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Page 6: Setup Checklist

    Setup Checklist Installation and Setup Checklist Installer Menu Items Setup __ Unpack TV and all accessories. __ Configure all relevant Installer Menu __ Install batteries in remote control. items as required of your institution. __ Install TV on VESA mount or stand. Note: It may be advisable to make all TV Menus Configuration hardwire connections before installing on...

  • Page 7: Commercial Mode Setup For Master Tv

    Commercial Mode Setup for Master TV This page provides an overview of a Master TV configuration. Note: Disconnect all Aux inputs. Under certain conditions, Auto Tuning (Channel Search) is disabled if there is an Aux input active. XXLH250H INSTALLER MENU Commercial Mode Setup Procedure 1.

  • Page 8: Installer Overview

    LG Installer Remote Control Typical Installer Menu You will need an LG Installer Remote similar to the one shown to the right. The Installer Remote must have a SOURCE button or its equivalent. The remote shown in this manual has an INPUT...

  • Page 9: Operation Overview

    Embedded b-LAN™ Module (EBL) FTG Mode of Operation Overview The following steps outline the FTG (Free-To-Guest) setup for individual TV control. 1. Set up commercial features of the TV. Enter the Installer Menu, and set all desired items as required (for example, Tuning Band, Start Channel, etc.).

  • Page 10

    Embedded b-LAN™ Module (EBL) FTG Mode of Operation Overview (Cont.) To determine the operating mode of the TV, press MENU. If the Setup or TV Menu appears, the EBL is in Pass-Through Mode. If the End User “Aspect Ratio” or “Function” menu appears, the TV is in FTG Mode. CHANNEL PICTURE TIME...

  • Page 11

    FTG Channel Map Overview Writing a Channel Map into EBL will switch the EBL from Pass-Through Mode to FTG Mode. When the Aspect Ratio/ Function menu is present, EBL is in FTG Mode. LOGICAL CHANNEL NUMBERS CUSTOM CHANNEL LABELS/ICONS SET CHANNEL ATTRIBUTES Set custom labels and select icons on menu.

  • Page 12: Ftg Installer Menu Overview

    FTG Installer Menu Overview CONFIGURATION SETTINGS HOSPITAL-GRADE TV ONLY Select tabs for categories of Installer Set Hospital items on Installer Menu for Menu items to set up TV. hospital-grade TVs. INSTALLER DEFAULTS EXIT Press to reset FTG Installer Returns to Logical Channel Menu items to defaults.

  • Page 13: Ftg Operation Troubleshooting

    FTG Operation Troubleshooting The following table provides troubleshooting information for when EBL is configured in the FTG Mode of operation. FTG Operation Error Messages Symptom Probable Cause(s) Solution(s) Communication Error Cable(s) not connected. Check and connect communication (“Communications cables. Timeout”) TV not powered.

  • Page 14: Typical Installer Remote Control

    Typical Installer Remote Control The LG Installer Remote is supplied with and dedicated to oper- ate the TV. Some DVD and VCR controls may be available for MARK POWER selected LG DVD/VCR products. INPUT RATIO See next page for typical key functions in TV Mode and DVD/VCR Control.

  • Page 15: Installer Remote Control Key Functions

    Installer Remote Control Key Functions The LG Installer Remote illustrated below and throughout this document shows typical remote con- trol functions and is provided for reference only. This Installer Remote may vary from the actual Installer Remote supplied with the TV.

  • Page 16: Rear Connections Panel

    Rear Connections Panel RESET UPDATE Press RESET to Restricted to software re-initialize the TV. updates. HDMI/DVI PORT RJP PORT Connect to output jacks from Connect to Remote Jack HDMI/DVI device. Pack (RJP) control output port. AUDIO/VIDEO IN 1 Connect to output jacks on RGB IN (PC) audio/video device.

  • Page 17: Side Connections Panel / Rf Antenna Connection

    Side Connections Panel / RF Antenna Connection Side Connections Panel USB IN Insert USB device for soft- ware updates or for picture/ music entertainment, as applicable. A/V 2 Input L/MONO-AUDIO-R IN Connect to audio output jacks from external device. For mono audio output, connect to Left audio input.

  • Page 18: Rjp / Tv Connections & Setup

    Remote Jack Pack (RJP) / TV Connections & Setup Make these connections ONLY after Commercial Mode Setup and Cloning Master TV procedures are complete. Remote Jack Pack Setup RJP Available? If you will use a Remote Jack Pack in your system, set Installer Menu item 093 RJP AVAILABLE appropriately (for exam- ple, on a legacy model RJP: HDMI Mode, set RJP AVAILABLE to 001).

  • Page 19: Tv Features Configuration Menus Overview

    TV Features Configuration Menus Overview The on-screen menus control basic TV features. CHANNEL PICTURE TIME AUDIO LOCK OPTION INPUT Main TV Menus The Main TV Setup Menus control the features of the TV. Set the TV features to the desired configuration for the end user. Use the USB port to upgrade TV software. 206-4118...

  • Page 20: Tll-1100a Cloning Connections / Learning Setup

    TLL-1100A Cloning Connections / Learning Setup Connections for the TLL-1100A Clone Programmer to Learn the Master TV Setup On Master TV Set up all Master TV features on the MPI Learning Setup menus, and do a Channel Search. Add CLONE SELECTION MENU Channel and Aux labels, etc.

  • Page 21: Lt2002 Cloning Connections / Learning Setup

    LT2002 Cloning Connections / Learning Setup Connections for the LT2002 Clone Programmer to Learn the Master TV Setup Antenna or CATV Ferrite Core (TDK, ZCAT 2035-0930) Status instructions Reset no communications communications ok THE CLONE HAS CONTROL OF THE TV THE CLONE IS VERSION THE TV IS VERSION THE SW IS REVISION...

  • Page 22

    Installer Remote. Since the Clone Programmer’s time cannot be set directly, the current time needs to be copied from an LG TV equipped with LT2002 Clone Programmer Communication MPI input capability.

  • Page 23: Lt2002 Cloning Connections / Teaching Setup

    LT2002 Cloning Connections / Teaching Setup Teaching the Master Setup to Another TV Connections for the LT2002 to Teach Another TV the Master Setup Antenna or CATV Ferrite Core (TDK, ZCAT Status instructions 2035-0930) Reset no communications communications ok THE CLONE HAS CONTROL OF THE TV THE CLONE IS VERSION THE TV IS VERSION THE SW IS REVISION...

  • Page 24: Installer Menu

    Installer Menu Use the Installer Menu to set up or change operational settings. See more detailed descriptions of the Installer Menu items on the pages that follow. Accessing the Installer Menu Make sure the TV is ON. Using an Installer Remote, press MENU repeatedly until the on-screen menu locks up, and then press 9-8-7-6 + ENTER to access the XXLH250H INSTALLER MENU Installer Menu.

  • Page 25

    Installer Menu (Cont.) Installer Menu Items 031 through 118 Menu Item Function Value Range Default Value Brief Description of Function and Comments POLL RATE 20 ~ 169 Selects poll rate for MPI. TIMING PULSE 186 ~ 227 Sets baud rate for MPI. CAMPORT EN 0 / 1 Set to 1 to enable Video 2 input.

  • Page 26

    Installer Menu (Cont.) Detailed Descriptions of Installer Menu Items NOTE: For items 007, 008, and 009 For legacy reasons, the scale used is 0 - 63. The PTC software 000 - INSTALLER SEQUENCE will translate this to the 0 - 100 scale used by the TV. Specifies entry sequence to the Installer Menu.

  • Page 27

    Installer Menu (Cont.) 015 - SLEEP TIMER 034 - CAMPORT EN. (Camera Port Enable) If set to 1, the Sleep Timer feature may be used. If set to 0, the Set to 1 to enable Video 2 input on display panel. If set to 0, Sleep Timer is not available.

  • Page 28: Notes

    Installer Menu (Cont.) 069 - EN. CH-T COL. (Enable Channel-Time Custom Color) with PC-based Windows-controlled systems. Range is 0 - 5. Set to 1 to enable custom color for the Channel-Time display. Set (Timeout = 25.5MS + [25.5 MS* Handshake time].) to 0 to disable custom color for the Channel-Time display.

  • Page 29

    Installer Menu (Cont.) 094 - SAP MENU EN (2nd Audio Program) 106 - ASP RATIO LOCK (Aspect Ratio Lock) Set to 1 to enable SAP feature on Function menu, if Function Set to 1 to retain previous aspect ratio with power off. menu is available.

  • Page 30: Detailed Instructions For Making A Master Tv

    Master TV Setup. desired result. Be sure to perform each task as indicated. You will also need an LG Installer Remote similar to the If a procedure or step is left out or not performed com- one shown in this manual.

  • Page 31: Menu Mode

    Reference: Adding Channel Icons / Custom Channel Labels (2-5-4 + MENU Mode) Editing/Adding Channel Icons and/or Labels Editing and adding the labels can only be done if there are channels entered into the TV’s Channel Map either by using If there is no pre-assigned icon, you can make a custom the method described on the previous page, by cloning, or channel label of up to seven (7) characters to help identify by using the master remote control from the PPV provider.

  • Page 32: Clonable Menu Features / Checking Software Version

    Reference: Clonable Menu Features / Checking Software Version Clonable Menu Features Menu/Submenu Features Audio (Cont.) Lock Treble Movie Rating Installer Menu Bass TV Rating – Children Age Installer Item settings SRS TruSoundXT TV Rating – Children Fantasy TV Speaker Violence Channel TV Rating –...

  • Page 33: Usb End User Features

    Reference: USB End User Features USB Menu Features: Picture Slideshow with or without Music Accompaniment USB Device Setup On the USB device, load Photo and Music files, for example, MP3s. Insert the USB device into the USB port on the TV side jack panel. Press MENU, and select the USB option.

  • Page 34: Usb Cloning / Master Tv Profile Setup-learning

    Reference: USB Cloning / Master TV Profile Setup-Learning Learn From TV USB Download Menu Upgrade TV Software UPGRADING... Upgrade PTC Software 48 % Teach To TV Do not unplug! Learn From TV On Master TV, Create Profile and Learn Note: At first, the Expert Download Menu page will not show the LEARN FROM TV option.

  • Page 35: Usb Cloning / Master Tv Profile Setup-teaching

    Reference: USB Cloning / Master TV Profile Setup-Teaching Teach To TV Teach To TV XX250H-UA00001.TLL UPGRADING... 39 % Do not unplug! Previous Enter (Identifi es the TV and TLL version you are setting up.) 6. Use the Up/Down arrow keys to navigate through On Target TV, Teach Master TV Profile profiles.

  • Page 36: Tv Camport Auto Sense Operation

    Reference: TV Camport Auto Sense Operation The Camport Auto Sense function is enabled when: CAMPORT (Front Video) Functionality Control 1. Installer Menu item 34 CAMPORT EN is set to 1 AND Item 34 Item 40 Front Video 2. Installer Menu item 40 AUTO CAMPORT is enabled (1). CAMPORT EN AUTO CAMPORT Operation...

  • Page 37: Tv Aux Input Configuration


  • Page 38: General Troubleshooting

    Check that “+” and “-” match in battery compartment. Too much light in room. Dim room light. Wrong Installer Remote. Requires compatible Installer Remote. Contact your LG dealer. Picture Reception Normal picture, Audio muted. Press MUTE or use Volume Up key to increase sound level.

  • Page 39: Lt2002 Cloning Procedure Troubleshooting

    30 seconds. (Teach/Learn should take a minimum of one (1) minute.) Remote does not operate Wrong Installer Remote. Only use an LG Installer Remote to operate Clone clone. Programmer with TV. LED does not blink. MPI cord not connected.

  • Page 40: Troubleshooting Flow Chart

    Reference: Troubleshooting Flow Chart Controller Quick Check Is TV Plug Press POWER or ON/OFF STATUS LED on Connected to into AC Analog Board key on TV AC Power? Power Outlet Blinking? 1. Bad TV TV Turn Press POWER or ON/OFF or VOLUME UP/DOWN or MUTE key on Installer Remote...

  • Page 41: Commercial Mode Check

    Reference: Commercial Mode Check Press the On/Off key on the front panel. The ON/OFF key is always operational. you get Bad TV a response? Leave TV set ON Go to Installer Menu by pressing MENU until the TV stops responding. TV stop TV is in Stopped...

  • Page 42: B-lan Setup & Overview

    Reference: b-LAN Setup & Overview Power to the b-LAN module is controlled by Installer Menu item 118 POWER SAVINGS. The default value is 003. The b-LAN module is only powered when the TV is turned ON. See chart below. TV Power On State TV Standby State Power Savings MPI Slot...

  • Page 43

    Reference: RJP Model List and Input Auto-sensing Hierarchy RJP Model List Legacy Models Scaler Models RJP-101M RJP-101ML RJP-110F RJP-210F RJP-110FW RJP-210FW RJP-110W RJP-210W RJP-110WBR RJP-210WBR RJP-110S RJP-210S RJP-120G RJP-220G RJP-120T RJP-220T RJP-201B RJP-301B RJP-202B RJP-302B Input Auto-sensing Hierarchy Priority Video Audio Digital Video In Audio In (3.5mm)

  • Page 44: Glossary Of Terms

    Reference: Glossary of Terms A list of definitions for some of the words found in this guide. 75 OHM RF CABLE COMPOSITE VIDEO PHYSICAL CHANNEL NUMBER The wire that comes from an off-air Typical video jack, uses one wire for The actual channel number.

  • Page 45: Document Revision History / Notes

    Document Revision History / Notes Document Revision History Date Description August 2009 Revision A: New document February 2010 Revision B: Enhanced b-LAN and Installer Menu description February 2010 Revision C: Includes LH260H and LH265H TVs Product documentation is available online at: From the Products page, select LCD TV, then select the appropriate TV model.

  • Page 46

    For Customer Support/Service, please call: 1-888-865-3026 Marketed and Distributed in the United States by LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc. 1000 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 206-4118 © Copyright 2010, LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc. Revision C...

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