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Trouble Shooting - Haier HPU-48HK03 Operation & Installation Manual

Cabynet type air conditioner
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Trouble shooting

Followings are not problems
Sound of water flowings are not
Sound of cracking is heard.
Smells are generated.
During operation, white fog or steam
comes out of indoor unit.
In cooling operation, unit switches to fan
Unit will not restart after stop.
Won't start?
No outlet air or fan speed can't be changed in
dry mode.
In heating operation, water or
steam are blown out of indoor
In heating operation, indoor fan won't stop even
if unit is stopped.
During unit start and operation or at stop, a swishing or
gurgling noise may be heard. This noise is generated by
refrigerant flowing in the system.
During unit operation, a cracking noise may be heard.
This noise is generated by the casing expanding or
shrinking because of temperatuer changes.
This is because the system circulates smells from the
interior air such as the smell of cigarettes or the painting
on the unit.
When unit is running at places like restaurant where dense
edible oil fumeis always exist, this will happen.
To prevent frost from accumulating on indoor heat
exchanger, unit will switch to fan operation for a while
then resume cooling operation.
Though ON/OFF button is set to
ON, unit won't resume cooling,dry
or heating operation in 3 min after
it is stopped, this is because of 3-
min-delay protection circuit.
Unit will reduce fan speed repeatedly and automatically
if room temp. is too low in dry operation.
T h i s
o c c u r s
w h e n
accumulated on the outdoor unit
is removed.
(during defrosting operation)
After unit stops, indoor fan will go on running until indoor
unit cools down.
Please wait 3 minutes
f r o s t

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