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Haier HPU-48HK03 Operation & Installation Manual page 17

Cabynet type air conditioner
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Installation procedures
Installation of fall-prevention fitting metal:
Fix the fitting metal to the wall by screws so that there is no clearance between them.
With the unit set up vertically, fix the fitting metal to the unit with screws while making an
adjustment at the long portion of the hole so that there is no clearance between the upper
surface and the fitting metal.
Installation of L-shaped metal
Fix to the unit by screws so that there is no clearance between the fitting metal and
the unit.
After confirming that the unit has been set up vertically to the floor, fix it to the floor by
Piping connection
Connecting method
Apply refrigerant oil at half union and flare nut.
To bend a pipe, give the roundness as large as possible not to crash the pipe.
When connecting pipe, hold the pipe centre to centre then screw nut on by hand,refer
to Fig.
Be careful not to let sundries, such as sands enter the pipe.
Forced fastening without centering may
damage the threads and cause a gas leakage.
Pipe dia
Liquid pipe 9.52mm(3/8")
Gas pipe 19.05mm(3/4")
Fastening torque
29.4N . m
117.7N . m

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