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When Problems Occur - Haier HPU-48HK03 Operation & Installation Manual

Cabynet type air conditioner
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When problems occur

Before asking services, please firstly check your unit according to following.
Is power supply switch
turned on?
Power supply
switch is not set
at ON.
Are operation controlls
adjusted correctly
as specified?
Are horizontal louvers
at up position (in
heating mode)?
Is there any direct sunlight
in the room?
If your unit still can't work properly after above mentioned checks, or following problems occur,
please stop it immediately and contact your dealer.
Fuses or circuit breakers often blow out.
Water comes out in cooling/dry operation.
Operation is abnormal or sound is heard.
If the fuse on PC board is broken please change it with the type of T6.3A/250VAC.
Air conditioner won't start.
Is city power supply normal?
Poor cooling or heating
Is air filter too dirty?
Any doors or windows left
Poor cooling
If there are unexpected heat
sources in the room?
Is leakage current breaker
This is very dangerous, please
d i s c o n n e c t p o w e r s u p p l y
immediately and contact your
Are there any obstacles at inlet
or outlet grill?
Too many people in the room?

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