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Haier HPU-42CV03 Operation And Installation Manual

Cabinet type
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Operation & Installation Manual
Please read this operation manual before using the air conditioner.
Please keep this manual carefully and safely.



  Summary of Contents for Haier HPU-42CV03

  • Page 1 CABINET TYPE AIR CONDITIONER Operation & Installation Manual HPU-42CV03 HPU-42HV03 HPU-48CV03 HPU-48HV03 No.0150500334 Please read this operation manual before using the air conditioner. Please keep this manual carefully and safely.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Content Operation Cautions Parts 5-12 Operation Operation hints Energy saving 15-16 Maintenance Trouble shooting When problems occur 18-19 Indoor & outdoor unit connection Tools necessary 22-27 Installation procedures Others...
  • Page 3: Cautions

    Cautions Disposal of the old air conditioner All these valuable materials may be taken to a waste collecting center and used again Before disposing an old air conditioner after adequate recycling. that goes out of use, please make sure it's inoperative and safe. Unplug the air...
  • Page 4: Cautions

    All electrical repairs must be carried WB C o u t b y q u a l i f i e d e l e c t r i c i a n s . Inadequate repairs may result in a major source of danger for the user of the air conditoiner.
  • Page 5: Parts

    ON/OFF HUMI TIMER TEMP SLEEP HEALTH HUMI TIMER SLEEP TEMP I n d o o r u n i t Outlet grill Operation panel Inlet grill Air filter [inside the unit] Remote controller Outdoor unit TEMP Inlet grill HEALTH Outlet grill...
  • Page 6: Parts

    SWING Used to set UP/DOWN air sending and RIGHT/LEFT air sending direction. Note: These models don't have the following related display and function For some air conditioners , the function is not availed. 11 29 For cooling only unit, there is no functions related to HEAT.
  • Page 7: Operation

    If the remote controller can’t function normally or doesn’t work at all,use a sharp-pointed item to press the reset key. Hint:Remove the batteries in case unit won’t be in usage for a long period. If there are any displays after taking-out just need to press reset key.
  • Page 8 On reaching 2 C higher than temp. setting,unit will run in mild DRY mode. Note: During Auto run operation, temp. setting will be shown in LCD display, unit will select heating, cooling or fan operation according to the room temp.
  • Page 9: Fan Operation

    MODE SLEEP SWING Then select FAN CLOCK 3. Adjust fan speed TIMER HEAT Press FAN button. At each press, fan speed changes as LIGHT LOCK RESET follows: HIGH Air conditioner will run at the selected fan speed. 4. Unit stop Press ON/OFF button to stop unit.
  • Page 10: Air Flow Adjustment

    The left & right flade will move according to the above conditions Note: 1. during AUTO mode, pls. don't touch the flade to avoid damaging the inner part of the unit; 2. If the difference between real position & the chart position, press ON/OFF(control panel) button...
  • Page 11: Sleep Function

    HEALTH TEMP SLEEP Before going to bed you can press down the SLEEP button and the air conditioner will run so as to make you sleep more comfortably. Before using this function, the clock must be set. Use of SLEEP function After the unit's start, set running mode and then press SLEEP button once to make the air conditioner have the previous-set sleep time (first power-on is "1h").
  • Page 12: Remote Control Unit

    After replacing batteries or if a power failure occurs, TIMER setting must be reset. Remote controller has memory function. When you use TIMER mode next time, just press SET button after mode selection if timer Note: setting is the same as the previous one.
  • Page 13: Remote Controller Operation

    Just press TIMER button several times until TIMER mode disappears. According to the time setting sequence of TIMER ON and TIMER OFF, either start-stops or stops-start can be realized. If the time setting of TIMER ON is the same as TIMER OFF, TIMER ON-OFF function cannot be set.
  • Page 14: Operation

    When the LCD bright, the color will display according to the above standard color, when two or more than two kinds of functions operate, the color will display according the priority class (Sequence from High to low 3 2 1) When cut off the power and restart the power, the room temp.
  • Page 15: Operation Hints

    In dry mode, fan speed will change automatically. Cold draft prevention In heating mode, indoor fan will not run for the first 2-5 min. due to cold draft prevention. Defrosting When frost accumulates on heat exchanger in heating mode, unit will start defrosting automatically.
  • Page 16: Energy Saving

    Energy saving Keep proper room temp. Too cold or too warm is no good to your health, and power consumption will be increased as well. Proper temp. Air filter should be periodically cleaned If air filter is clogged: It will cause poor cooling and...
  • Page 17: Maintenance

    If it is extremely dirty, wash it with neutral detergent or soap water. Wash it with clean water and install it after complete dry. Caution: Don't use hot water over 40 C, as this may cause damage to air filter. Wipe air filter carefully.
  • Page 18 Maintenance Indoor and outdoor cleaning Clean it with warm and wet cloth or with neutral detergent, then wipe it dry with clean and soft cloth. If air conditioner is very dirty, clean it with cloth soaked in neutral detergent,then wipe off the detergent with clean water.
  • Page 19: Trouble Shooting

    Trouble shooting Followings are not problems During unit start and operation or at stop, a swishing or Sound of water flowings are not gurgling noise may be heard. This noise is generated by problems. refrigerant flowing in the system. During unit operation, a cracking noise may be heard.
  • Page 20: When Problems Occur

    This is very dangerous, please Power d i s c o n n e c t p o w e r s u p p l y Power supply failure? immediately and contact your switch is not set dealer.
  • Page 21 The parameter of connect cord is 4G 0.75mm Air conditioner must use an exclusive line (over 30A) When installation air conditioner in a wet place, try to use a circuit breaker against current leakage. For installation in other places, use circuit breaker as far as possible.
  • Page 22: Indoor & Outdoor Unit Connection

    Indoor & outdoor unit connection pipe direction Left Rear Right Bottom...
  • Page 23: Tools Necessary

    Tools necessary Tools necessary 1. Screw driver 2. Hacksaw 3. 70mm dia. hole core drill 4. Spanner (dia. 17, 27mm) 5. Spanner (14, 17, 27mm) 6. Pipe cutter 7. Flaring tool 8. Knife 9. Nipper 10. Gas leakage detector or soap water 11.
  • Page 24: Installation Procedures

    Display of whole unit Try to bring the packed unit to the installation place. When it is inevitable to unpack the unit, be careful not to damage the unit. Wrap it with nylon etc. After unpacking, be sure to put it with the front side of the unit facing up.
  • Page 25: Installation Of Indoor Unit

    ( Cross section of wall hole ) Fixing of indoor unit With the unit set up vertically,fix the fitting metal to the unit with screws, then fix the fitting metal to the wall with cement nail and washer, as shown below:...
  • Page 26 Apply refrigerant oil at half union and flare nut. To bend a pipe, give the roundness as large as possible not to crash the pipe. When connecting pipe, hold the pipe centre to centre then screw nut on by hand,refer to Fig.
  • Page 27 Insert the bound piping connecting electric cable and drain hose through wall hole to connect with outdoor unit. Arrangement of drain hose Drain hose shall be placed in under place. There should be a slope when arrange drain hose. Avoid up and down waves in drain hose. Indoor unit Down Slope...
  • Page 28 Discharge the air out of the indoor unit and the refrigerant pipe by vacuumizing (1) Fasten all the nuts of the indoor and outdoor pipes to make these parts out of leakage. (2) Under the condition of the complete close of the indoor and outdoor valve center (both liquid and gas side),dismount the repair valve cap.Vacuumizing through the charge...
  • Page 29: Installation Procedures

    Insert the cable from outside the wall hole where piping already exist. Pull it out from front. Loosen terminal screws and insert cable end fully into terminal block, then tighten it. Pull the cable gently to make sure it is tight.
  • Page 30: Others

    1.4 ~ 2.2 2.Installation inspection and test run: Please operate unit according to this Manual. Items to be checked during test run. Please made a " "in " " Are there any gas leakage? How is insulation at piping connection carried out?

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