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Operation Hints - Haier HPU-48HK03 Operation & Installation Manual

Cabynet type air conditioner
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Operation hints

Unit operation
Protection devices inside the unit will activate to stop unit operation, when ambient
temp. is extremely low or high.
When unit is running under high humidity in cooling or dehumidifying mode, condensate
might appear at outlet grill.
3-min delay protection
Unit will not restart until 3 min have elapsed for the protection of the unit.
Fan speed changes
When Fan speed is set at Auto in cooling mode, it will be automatically reduced as
room temp. is approaching temp. setting.
In dry mode, fan speed will change automatically.
Cold draft prevention
In heating mode, indoor fan will not run for the first 2-5 min. due to cold draft prevention.
When frost accumulates on heat exchanger in heating mode, unit will start defrosting
During defrosting, both indoor and outdoor fan stop.
After defrosting, unit resumes running.
Use objectively
Heat pump works by means of absorbing outside heat to warm room air, so outdoor
temp. degree will affect unit's heating efficiency.

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