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Haier HPU-48HK03 Operation & Installation Manual page 9

Cabynet type air conditioner
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Indoor and outdoor cleaning
Clean it with warm and wet cloth or with neutral detergent, then wipe it dry with
clean and soft cloth.
If air conditioner is very dirty, clean it with cloth soaked in neutral detergent,then
wipe off the detergent with clean water.
Don't use water higher than 40 C , which will cause discoloring and deformation.
Don't use insecticide or other chemical detergents.
After season maintenance
Let the unit run in Fan mode for half a day in a
fine weather to dry completely the unit inside.
Turn off the unit and pull out power plug.
There might be certain power consumption even
if unit is stopped.
Clean air filter and indoor unit, cover outdoor
unit after cleaning.
Before season maintenance
Check if there are obstacles at inlet and outlet of indoor and outdoor unit,
whick will reduce unit efficiency.
Don't fail to attach air filter after making sure it
is cleaned.
Dust will enter into unit causing damages or
faults if it is running without air filter.
To protect compressor at start, please connect external power supply to
the unit 12 hrs prior to starting. Also please keep the power supply switch
ON during the whole season.

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