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Chapter 1
Push the battery or batteries into the recharging bay and press the door closed
until the latch snaps into place. Make sure the spare battery charging light begins
The first time that you use a rechargeable battery, be sure that you charge it fully
before using it in your camera. It may take up to 2.5 hours to fully charge a new
battery in the dock, or 3.5 hours to charge a fully depleted battery. You can charge a
battery in the camera while simultaneously charging a battery in the dock, but the
battery in the dock will charge more quickly than the battery in the camera. (See
Battery charge times

Dock lights and buttons

for details.)
Shows the power/battery charging status. If this light is:
On – the spare battery in the dock is fully charged or
charging light
NiMH batteries are inserted incorrectly
Blinking – the spare battery in the dock is charging
Off – there is no spare battery in the dock
Flashing (blinking rapidly) – a Lithium Ion battery is
inserted incorrectly or NiMH batteries are too warm to
continue charging, charging will resume automatically
when the battery temperature has lowered
HP Photosmart 6221 Premium Camera Dock


Table of Contents

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