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View images on a television

You can use your dock to review your images on a TV.

Displaying images on a TV using the dock

Connect the audio/video cable between the camera dock and your TV and
confirm that the power cable is plugged into the dock. See
Your camera will send either an NTSC or a PAL video signal to a TV, depending
on the language you selected when you set up your camera. The NTSC format is
used primarily in North America and Japan, and the PAL format is used primarily
in Europe. If your TV accepts a different video signal from the default setting for
your language, you must change the TV configuration setting in your camera.
(See your camera electronic User Guide.)
Your camera will be the source for the TV signal (just like a VCR or a camcorder),
so you must set the TV to take video input from an external video source (your
camera) instead of the antenna or cable TV. Refer to the TV user guide for
directions on how to do this.
Insert the camera into the camera dock. The camera will turn on automatically.
Press the
the camera is displayed on the TV. You can use the
through a slide show of the images on the camera, or press
automatic slide show of each image, playing any attached audio clip or video clip,
and then changing to the next image.
To end the slide show, press the

Using the remote

You can use the dock remote control to pause the slide show, magnify an image,
rotate an image, select an image for HP Photosmart Share, or mark an image for
Before you can use the remote, you need to install the remote control battery.
User Guide
If you cannot locate video and audio input jacks on your TV to fit the
connectors on the audio/video cable, you should be able to use the video
and audio input jacks on a video cassette recorder (VCR) or DVD player
connected to your TV.
button on the dock or the dock remote control. The first image in
The Image Display on the camera turns off when the camera is
connected to a TV, but you can still use the camera's menus because the
menus will display on the TV screen.
button again.
Setting up the
buttons to navigate
to start an


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