Charging A Spare Battery - HP Photosmart 6221 User Manual

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Remove any cables that may be attached to your camera. Then, insert the
camera into the camera dock as shown here. The Image Display side of the
camera must point toward the edge of the dock with the HP logo.

Charging a spare battery

Your dock will charge either an HP R07 Lithium Ion battery or 2 AA NiMH batteries.
Push down the latch and open the dock recharging bay door.
Insert the rechargeable battery or batteries into the dock recharging bay.
Insert the Lithium Ion battery with the
arrow on top of the battery facing up
and pointing toward the dock.
User Guide
The USB cable to use for connecting to a computer or
PictBridge port of a printer is part number C8887-80003 (or
8121-0637), and it came in the box with the dock.
5V 2A The AC power adapter for the dock is the same as the one used
for your camera (part number L2056–60001). If no power
adapter came with your dock, use the one that came with your
Use this port and the audio/video cable with the part number
C6324-61601 to connect the dock to a TV, VCR, or DVD player.
The yellow plug connects to the video input and the red plug
connects to the audio input.
Battery safety precautions
carefully before recharging batteries.
Observe the icons molded into the
door and be certain to insert the NiMH
batteries in the correct orientation as
shown in the picture.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents