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HP L2070A Specifications
HP L2070A Specifications

HP L2070A Specifications

Digital camera and premium dock


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HP Photosmart
Photosmart R727
Premium Dock
An ultra-compact,
ultra-compact, durable
durable camera
6.2 MP,
MP, 3x
3x internal
internal optical
optical zoom,
Auto red-eye
red-eye removal
removal right
Add borders,
borders, special
special effects
R727 Digital

Digital Camera

camera plus
plus a a dock
dock for
zoom, 2.5"
2.5" display
display camera
right as as the
the photo
photo is is taken
effects and
and color
color tints
Stunning 6.2
6.2 MP
MP photos
photos and
image display—plus
display—plus a a dock
Take impressive
impressive photos
photos with
with 6.2
6.2 MP
zoom—crop, edit
edit and
and enlarge
enlarge up
up to to poster
Thin and
and elegant,
elegant, this
this durable,
durable, metal
metal camera
to slip
slip into
into your
your pocket.
Easily transfer
transfer photos,
photos, view
view on
on TV
TV and
battery plus
plus a a spare,
spare, using
using the
the dock
Frame, view
view and
and edit
edit on
on a a big,
big, 2.5-inch
2.5-inch image
bright enough
enough to to see
see indoors
indoors and
and out.
Record high-quality
high-quality VGA
VGA video
video with
stills to to print
print directly
directly from
from your
your camera.
Effortless photos
photos through
through innovative
Automatically remove
remove red-eye
red-eye right
right in in the
photo you
you want—no
want—no computer
computer required.
Automatically bring
bring out
out details
details normally
normally lost
HP adaptive
adaptive lighting
lighting technology.
Snap up
up to to five
five photos
photos for
for a a panorama
panorama shot
the camera—without
camera—without software
software or or a a PC.
Add creative
creative touches
touches to to your
your photos
photos with
borders and
and more—right
more—right on
on the
the camera.
Get creative,
creative, using
using manual
manual controls
controls and
tips from
from HP
HP Image
Image Advice.
Camera and
and Photosmart
for easy
easy battery
battery recharging
and 2.5-inch
2.5-inch image
MP and
and 3 3 x x optical
optical zoom—crop,
poster size.
camera is is small
small enough
enough to
and recharge
recharge an
an in-camera
in-camera battery
image display
display that's
that's bright
with audio—then
audio—then save
save video
video stills
innovative HP
HP technology
the camera
camera and
and see
see the
the photo
lost in in shadows
shadows with
with HP
shot you
you can
can print
print from
from the
with artistic
artistic effects,
effects, borders
and useful
useful photo-taking
photo-taking tips
Photosmart 6221
6221 Premium
True-to-life HP
HP prints,
prints, your
your way
Get everything
everything you
you need,
need, including
including a a long-lasting,
rechargeable battery
battery and
and 32
32 MB
MB internal
Get everything
everything you
you need,
need, including
including a a long-lasting
battery and
and 32
32 MB
MB internal
internal memory.
Get beautiful
beautiful prints
prints almost
almost anywhere
anywhere with
Photosmart compact
compact photo
photo printer.
Simple prints,
prints, simple
simple sharing—easily
sharing—easily e-mail
using HP
HP Photosmart
Photosmart Share.
Get brilliant
brilliant 4x6-inch
4x6-inch photos,
photos, using
using Snapfish,
of HP.
Edit, organize,
organize, print
print and
and share
share digital
included HP
HP Photosmart
Photosmart Software.
HP Photosmart
Photosmart compact
compact photo
photo printer
printer and
and internal
internal battery
not included.
included. Please
Please purchase
purchase separately.
long-lasting, rechargeable
internal memory.
long-lasting rechargeable
rechargeable batte
with a a coordinated
coordinated HP
HP Photosm
e-mail or or print
print photos
photos using
Snapfish, an
an online
online service
service of
digital photos
photos easily,
easily, using
using included
battery for
for HP
HP compact
compact photo
photo printers
printers not



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