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Fujitsu SCENICVIEW XP70 User Manual

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Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Fujitsu SCENICVIEW XP70

  • Page 1 PLEASE READ This manual is provided as a free service by We are in no way responsible for the contents of the manual. We do not guarantee its accuracy and we do not make any claim of copyright. The copyright remains the property of their respective owners.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction............................1 Notational conventions ......................... 2 Important notes............................. 2 Safety notes..........................2 Cleaning notes ..........................3 Transport notes ..........................3 Manufacturer’s notes ........................4 FCC Class A Compliance Statement ................... 4 Important note on power cable ..................... 5 Disposal and recycling ......................... 5 Preparing for use ..........................
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Introduction Your new projector SCENICVIEW XP70 possesses a whole range of useful features and functions, e.g.: ● DLP technology (Digital Light Processing) ● minimal space requirements thanks to small casing ● easy to transport thanks to its low weight ●...
  • Page 5: Notational Conventions

    SCENICVIEW XP70 Notational conventions The meanings of the symbols and fonts used in this manual are as follows: Pay particular attention to text marked with this symbol. Failure to observe this warning endangers your life, destroys the device, or may lead to loss of data.
  • Page 6: Cleaning Notes

    SCENICVIEW XP70 ● If you do not use the projector for a longer period of time, shut off the power source completely (for example, by switching off a power bar) or disconnect the power cable from the projector. ● Use only the included power cable or a cable that is approved for your country.
  • Page 7: Manufacturer's Notes

    20 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere - the equivalent of 5 million automobiles. As an Energy Star Partner, Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH has determined that this product meets the Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency.
  • Page 8: Important Note On Power Cable

    SCENICVIEW XP70 Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH is not responsible for any radio or television interference caused by unauthorised modifications of this equipment or the substitution or attachment of connecting cables and equipment other than those specified by Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH The correction of interference caused by such unauthorised modification, substitution or attachment will be the responsibility of the user.
  • Page 9: Preparing For Use

    SCENICVIEW XP70 Preparing for use Please take note of the safety information in the "Important notes" chapter. Unpacking and checking the delivery ► Check whether the delivery agrees with the details in the delivery note. ► Unpack all the individual parts.
  • Page 10: Preparing Remove Control

    SCENICVIEW XP70 Should you discover that the delivery does not correspond to the delivery note, notify your local sales outlet immediately. It is recommended not to throw away the original packaging material. Keep it for future transportation. Preparing remove control Inserting batteries ►...
  • Page 11: Connecting The Data Cable

    SCENICVIEW XP70 Audio input (Audio in) Video input (Video) S-Video input (S-Video) Computer input (M1-DA) ► Be sure that the projector and the computer are switched off. The computer power plug must be pulled out! Connecting the data cable Select the suitable data cable for your computer.
  • Page 12: Connecting The Projector To The Mains Voltage

    SCENICVIEW XP70 Connecting the USB cable The projector has a computer interface with integrated USB functions. If your computer has a USB port and a driver for a USB mouse is loaded, you can control the computer with the projector’s remote control as with a mouse.
  • Page 13: Operating The Projector

    SCENICVIEW XP70 Operating the projector Indicators (power indicator and alarm Control panel of the remote control indicator) Control panel of the projector If the projector has power, the power indicator (1) glows orange. 10 - English A26361-K954-Z100-1-5E19, edition 5...
  • Page 14: Switching The Projector On And Off

    SCENICVIEW XP70 Switching the projector on and off Always turn the system units on in the following order. ● Switch the projector on. ● Switch the computer on. ► Turn the projector on with the power switch on the projector’s operating panel (2) or on the remote control (3).
  • Page 15 SCENICVIEW XP70 Notes on power management If your computer is equipped with power management, the projector supports this function. The projector is equipped with a two-level power management, which you can activate with the OSD menu (see section "Changing the OSD settings").
  • Page 16: Changing Projector Settings

    SCENICVIEW XP70 If the energy-saving mode of the projector is not activated (DPMS enable deactivated), the projector is still switched on, even if there is no signal, the present logo is displayed. When the projector is switched to the energy-saving mode by the power management system a power consumption of up to 11 W is maintained to feed the circuit for reswitching the projector.
  • Page 17: Changing The Osd Settings

    SCENICVIEW XP70 Adjusting picture definition and picture size With the lens you can adjust the picture definition and picture size within certain limits. ► Turn the focus ring (1) to adjust the picture sharpness. ► Turn the zoom ring (2) to adjust the picture size.
  • Page 18 SCENICVIEW XP70 Operating the OSD menu with the projector’s OSD menu Activating the OSD menu ► Press the "Menu" button on the projector. The basic menu is displayed. Marking a function or submenu ► Use the arrow buttons to move the cursor to the desired function or submenu.
  • Page 19: Basic Menu

    SCENICVIEW XP70 Selecting a function or submenu ► Press the "Select" key. The submenu opens, or you can make the desired settings. Setting a function ► Press the buttons on the remote control until the setting is correct. If the function can only be activated or deactivated: ►...
  • Page 20: Setup Menu

    SCENICVIEW XP70 Possible adjustments in Basic menu Contrast You can adjust the contrast in the range from 0 to 100. Brightness You can adjust the brightness in the range from 0 to 100. Colour You can adjust the colour intensity of video images in the range from 0 to 100.
  • Page 21 SCENICVIEW XP70 Picture menu From the Picture menu you can set the picture's screen aspect, colour temperature, sharpness, application type, ARLS (Automatic Room Light Sensing), tuning, width, position, and colour tint. Aspect Ratio You can select between 16:9 (wide-screen format), 4:3...
  • Page 22 SCENICVIEW XP70 Application You can adjust the display to the current application type: ● Normal operation (computer) ● Home theatre (video) ● Photographs (with Gamma correction) ARLS (Automatic Room Light Sensing) Automatically adapts the projector's brightness to the ambient light level. You can select between automatic adjustment, darker display, and brighter display.
  • Page 23 SCENICVIEW XP70 System menu In the System menu you can adjust general operating settings. Rear If you project the image from the back against a translucent surface, this setting flips the image horizontally. SourceSearch With this function, the projector automatically looks for a signal source (computer or video).
  • Page 24 SCENICVIEW XP70 Effect menu In the Effect menu, you can assign one of the displayed functions to the "Effect" button on the remote control. You can select only one of these functions at a time. Magnify The picture is magnified until you press the "Effect" button again.
  • Page 25 In the user logo menu, you can select what the projector should display if it cannot find a signal source. Default If the projector does not find a signal source it displays the Fujitsu Siemens Computers logo. Blue If the projector does not find a signal source it displays a blue screen.
  • Page 26 SCENICVIEW XP70 Black If the projector does not find a signal source it displays a black screen. Captured If the projector does not find a signal source it displays the logo captured by the user. Capture new You can capture your own logo. Proceed as follows: ►...
  • Page 27: Technical Data

    SCENICVIEW XP70 Technical data Dimensions and weight (projector only) Width 154 mm Height 63 mm Depth 195 mm Weight 1,1 kg Power connector Rated mains voltage 100 V -240 V (±10%) Frequency 50 Hz -60 Hz (±3 Hz) Total power consumption <...
  • Page 28: Vesa-Ddc-Compatible Dvi Interface

    SCENICVIEW XP70 Inputs/outputs Projector Computer M1-D/A for analogue and digital signals including Video S-Video 4 pin mini DIN Loudspeakers 1 W Mono Computer Audio 3.5 mm mini jack Environmental conditions Rated range of operation: 15 °C ..35 °C Humidity: 20 % ..
  • Page 29: Dvi M1-D/A Projector Connection

    SCENICVIEW XP70 DVI M1-D/A projector connection Meaning Meaning TMDS Data 2- not used TMDS Data 2+ +5 V Power TMDS Data 2/4 Shield Ground not used Hot Plug Detect not used TMDS Data 0- DDC Clock TMDS Data 0+ DDC Data...
  • Page 30: Trouble Shooting

    SCENICVIEW XP70 Trouble shooting Should an error occur, first check the following points. If the distortion is still not eliminated, the projector should, if possible, be checked on another computer and/or with another data cable. If you cannot solve the problem, contact our customer service centre.
  • Page 31 SCENICVIEW XP70 No picture (power indicator glows green) ► Check whether the computer is switched on. ► Check whether the data cable for the projector is correctly attached to the monitor port on the computer. ► Press any key on the computer keyboard - the computer may be in energy saving mode.
  • Page 32: Replacing The Projector Lamp

    SCENICVIEW XP70 Replacing the projector lamp The projector lamp must be replaced once its useful life has expired. Please only use lamps of the same type and strength! Switch off the projector and disconnect the power cable. Wait for around 60 minutes before opening the lamp housing.
  • Page 33 SCENICVIEW XP70 ► Carefully remove the lamp housing and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. ► Insert the new lamp housing. ► Fasten the three screws again. ► After replacing the lamp, set the lamp timer back to 0. Follow the instructions on the OSD menu (see chapter Operating the projector".
  • Page 34 PLEASE READ This manual is provided as a free service by We are in no way responsible for the contents of the manual. We do not guarantee its accuracy and we do not make any claim of copyright. The copyright remains the property of their respective owners.