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Power Button ( )
Pressing the power button
( ) turns the baking unit
heating elements on or
off. When the baker is
on, the indicator light
will be illuminated.
Pre-Heat Indicator
The indicator light
flashes until the baker
is fully pre-heated.
When the optimum
temperature is reached,
a tone will sound and
the indicator light will glow continuously.
Timer Adjustment
Dial ( )
Turn the dial to set
the baking time in 15
second increments,
from a minimum of 2
minutes, 30 seconds
to a maximum of 5 minutes, 30 seconds.
Turn the dial clockwise to increase the
baking time, counter-clockwise to decrease
the time.
Baking Timer Display
Shows the remaining
baking time in minutes
and seconds.
Start Button ( )
Once the Waffle Baker
is pre-heated, press the
start button ( ) to begin
a timer countdown.
Waffle Baker Features
will also halt the message tones after the
timer reaches zero.
Overbake Indication
When the baking timer reaches zero, the
Waffle Baker produces a series of tones, the
timer display background turns red, and
the timer begins to count up. If your waffles
are not quite done, the count-up will track
the extra time you let the waffles bake.
Automatic Shutoff
Unless the baking timer is reset, the baking
unit will automatically shut off 5 minutes
after the timer reaches zero. After the
baking timer is reset, the baking unit is
programmed to shut off in 2 hours if a
new timer countdown isn't started.
Timer Memory
Baking timer will remember the last time
set, even when the baker is unplugged.
Message Tones
Convenient tones instantly convey Waffle
Baker status. A tone will sound when the
baker is fully pre-heated. When the baking
timer reaches zero, the baker will produce
a series of tones.
Constant Temperature Baking
Baker has no adjustable thermostat:
waffles bake at a constant temperature
optimized for the best results. Browning of
waffle is controlled with the baking timer.
Reset Button ( )
After the baking timer
is activated, press the
reset button ( ) to stop
the count and reset the
baking timer display.
Pressing the reset button


Table of Contents

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