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4. Wait for the Waffle Baker to pre-heat.
When the Waffle Baker has reached
operating temperature, a tone will
sound and the indicator light will stop
flashing and glow
continuously. The
needle position
on the dial
thermometer will
also be within the
thick line area.
5. Set the baking timer by turning the
Timer Adjustment Dial ( ). Rotate the
dial clockwise to increase the time on
the baking timer display; rotate the
dial counter-clockwise to decrease the
time. The baking time can be set in 15
second increments from a minimum
of 2 minutes, 30 seconds (2:30) to a
maximum of 5 minutes, 30 seconds
(5:30). Longer baking times will
produce darker, crispier waffles. For
your first waffles, a good starting time
is 3 minutes, 30 seconds (3:30).
Using the Waffle Baker
6. Open the baker lid by lifting the topmost
handle. Make certain the lid is securely
seated against the base before releasing
the handle: if this is not done, the
baking unit may rotate unexpectedly
when the handle is released.
7. Fill the waffle plate evenly with batter.
The batter should almost cover the peaks
of the waffle grid. Close the baker lid.
NOTE: Do not use metal utensils with the
Waffle Baker. Metal may scratch the non-
stick waffle plates.


Table of Contents

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