ID-Nr.: SDG800A1-09/10-V1
Steamer SDG 800 A1
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  • Page 1 KITCHEN TOOLS Steamer SDG 800 A1 Steamer Operating instructions KOMPERNASS GMBH BURGSTRASSE 21 · D-44867 BOCHUM ID-Nr.: SDG800A1-09/10-V1...
  • Page 2 SDG 800 A1...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Introduction Intended Use ........................Page 6 Technical Data ........................ Page 6 Scope of Supply ......................Page 6 Description of Components .................... Page 7 Safety ..........................Page 7 Use Original Accessories ....................Page 8 Prior to Initial Use ....................
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Introduction The following icons / symbols are used in this instruction manual: Read instruction manual! Warning - Hot surfaces! Keep children away from electrical Observe caution and safety notes! devices! Risk of explosion! Watts (Effective power) Caution – electric shock! Volt (AC) Danger to life! Check that the device, mains lead...
  • Page 5: Description Of Components

    Introduction / Safety Description of Components Q  J  Do not operate the appliance in explosive environments, where Cover inflammable liquids or gases are Rice bowl located. J  Upper steam tray (3) C hildren and persons, not having the knowledge Middle steam tray (2) or experience in operating the appliance or Egg cups (recesses)
  • Page 6: Use Original Accessories

    Safety / Prior to Initial Use / Initial Operation Use Original accessories J  Q  A lways fill the base of the appliance / water tank with sufficient water for the period of J  steaming. Do not cover the base of the appli- O nly use accessories and additional equipment ance / water tank with aluminium foil or...
  • Page 7: Setting The Clock

    Initial Operation j  points to the front towards the keypad and is P ress the ON / OFF button . The LCD dis- level. Thus, the turbo ring will be kept in play will show the factory-set steaming time position.
  • Page 8: Using Delay-Start Function

    Initial Operation j  the appliance. The indicator on the LCD-display P ress the PROG button again. In the LCD- switches back to the time indicator display the time indicator as well as the again (see fig. A). PROG symbol will appear.
  • Page 9: Several Steam Trays

    Initial Operation Using Several Steam Trays Q  the smaller pieces on top. j  D o not cram food into the steam trays j  P lace the largest food or this with the longest . Leave enough room between the pieces to steaming time (e.g.
  • Page 10 Initial Operation recommen- Vegetables Type Quantity Steaming time dations Artichokes fresh 2-3, medium size 50 - 55 minutes Asparagus fresh 400 g 15 - 20 minutes lay flat in steam tray frozen 400 g 15 - 20 minutes criss-cross 2nd layer to allow steam flow Beans, green...
  • Page 11 Initial Operation Fish and recommen- Type Quantity Steaming time Seafood dations Lobster, tails fresh 2 queues 20 - 25 minutes meat will be opa- que; cook longer if necessary Fish, fillets frozen 250 g 10 - 15 minutes fresh 250 g 10 - 15 minutes Fish, thick steaks salmon, cod...
  • Page 12: Storing The Steamer In A Space-Saving Way

    Initial Operation Meat and recommen- Type Quantity Steaming time Type sausages dations Sausages beef or pork 400 g 10 - 15 minutes pierce skins before (pre-cooked) sausages steaming (e.g. “frankfurter”) Tips: some sauces or marinade before steaming. Steaming has the advantage of allowing all Thoroughly cook all food before serving.
  • Page 13: Descaling The Base Of The Appliance / Water Tank

    Initial Operation / Cleaning and maintenance / Service / Warranty Descaling the Base of the Q  j  C lean the steamer regularly, best after every use. appliance / Water Tank j  D o not at all immerse the appliance in water. j  W ipe out the base of the appliance with a...
  • Page 14: Disposal

    Type / Device description: DES UK LTD Steamer Tel.: 0871 5000 700 (£ 0.10 / minute) e-mail: Serial number: Ian 58820 Kompernass Service Ireland Bochum, 30.09.2010 Tel: 1850 930 412 (0,082 EUr/Min.) Standard call rates apply. Mobile operators may vary. e-mail: Hans Kompernaß...

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