Silvercrest KH 1560 Operating Instructions Manual

Silvercrest KH 1560 Operating Instructions Manual

Kompernass electric steamer user manual


KH 1560
Operating instructions
ID-Nr.: KH1560-10/09-V3


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  • Page 1 Steamer KH 1560 Steamer Operating instructions KOMPERNASS GMBH · BURGSTRASSE 21 · D-44867 BOCHUM ID-Nr.: KH1560-10/09-V3...
  • Page 2 KH 1560...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Introduction Intended Use ... Page 6 Technical Data ... Page 6 Scope of Supply ... Page 6 Description of Components ... Page 7 Safety ... Page 7 Use Original Accessories ... Page 8 Prior to Initial Use ... Page 8 Initial Operation ...
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Introduction The following icons / symbols are used in this instruction manual: Read instruction manual! Observe caution and safety notes! Risk of explosion! Caution – electric shock! Danger to life! Food-safe! Proper procedure and handling. Dispose packaging and appliance in an environmentally-friendly way! Steamer Introduction...
  • Page 5: Description Of Components

    Description of Components Cover Rice bowl Upper steam tray (3) Middle steam tray (2) Egg cups (recesses) Lower steam tray (1) Condensate collection basin Turbo ring MIN mark Base of the appliance / water tank Heating element Water level indicator LCD-display ON / OFF button Pilot lamp...
  • Page 6: Use Original Accessories

    Safety / Prior to Initial Use / Initial Operation Always fill the base of the appliance / water tank with sufficient water for the period of steaming. Do not cover the base of the appli- ance / water tank with aluminium foil or any other material.
  • Page 7: Setting The Clock

    points to the front towards the keypad and is level. Thus, the turbo ring position. Place the food in the steam trays Ensure that all parts are positioned correctly before switching on the appliance. aTTEnTIOn! Never use bowls or other parts, not especially produced for this appliance.
  • Page 8: Using Delay-Start Function

    Initial Operation the appliance. The indicator on the LCD-display switches back to the time indicator again (see fig. A). note: If the supply of water is used up during use, a signal tone will sound. The steaming process gets stopped. The indicator on the LCD-display switches back to the time indi- cator...
  • Page 9: Using Several Steam Trays

    Using Several Steam Trays Place the largest food or this with the longest steaming time (e.g. also rice) in the lower steam tray Please note that the steaming times in the up- and middle steam tray 5 – 10 minutes. Consider this when setting the steaming time.
  • Page 10 Initial Operation Vegetables Type Artichokes fresh Asparagus fresh frozen Beans, green fresh frozen Broccoli fresh frozen Brussels sprouts fresh Cabbage fresh, chopped Carrots fresh, sliced Corn on the cob fresh, whole Cauliflower fresh, florets frozen Green squashes fresh, in slices Mushrooms fresh Peas...
  • Page 11 Fish and Type Seafood Lobster, tails fresh Fish, fillets frozen fresh Fish, thick steaks salmon, cod tuna Mussels fresh Oysters fresh Prawns fresh Tips: Fish is done as its colour turns opaque. Frozen fish may be steamed without defrosting if separated before steaming and the cooking time is extended.
  • Page 12: Storing The Steamer In A Space-Saving Way

    Initial Operation Meat and Type Type sausages Sausages beef or pork (pre-cooked) sausages (e.g. “frankfurter”) Tips: Steaming has the advantage of allowing all the fat to drip away during cooking. Due to the gentle heat only choose tender, lean cuts of meat and trim all fat.
  • Page 13: Descaling The Base Of The Appliance / Water Tank

    Initial Operation / Cleaning and maintenance / Disposal / Information Descaling the Base of the appliance / Water Tank aTTEnTIOn! rISK OF InJUrY! Always switch the appliance off and pull the mains plug prior to all occupations with the electrical appliance. aTTEnTIOn! HaZarD OF BUrnS! Let the steamer completely cool down before descaling it.
  • Page 14: Declaration Of Conformity

    EU Directives: EC Low-Voltage Directive (2006 / 95 / EC) Electromagnetic Compatibility (2004 / 108 / EC) Name of the product: Steamer KH 1560 16 GB/IE/CY Subject to technical modifications for the purpose of further development.

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