Honda H2013 Operator's Manual

For use with the harmony h2013 lawn tractor
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    This manual is a permanent part of the snowblower and must stay with the snowblower if resold 521 52 (961 0 ) 1001000) when installed and used on a Honda Harmony H2013 lawn reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice No part of this publication may be reproduced without written...
  • Page 3: Safety Messages

    SAFETY MESSAGES SAFETY MESSAGES Your safety and the safety of others are very important. We have provided important safety messages in this manual and on the snowblower. Please read these messages carefully. A safety message’alerts you to potential hazards that could hurt you or others. Each safety message is preceded by a safety alert symbol and one of the following three words: DANGER, WARNING, or CAUTION.
  • Page 4: The Importance Of Installation

    SB2040 Snowblower THE IMPORTANCE OF INSTALLATION Proper installation is essential to operator safety and the reliability of the machine. Any error or oversight made by the technician assembling and servicing a unit can easily result in faulty operation, damage to the machine, or injury to the operator Some of the most important safety precautions are given below.
  • Page 5: Safety Labels

    Safety Labels Immediately replace any label that becomes damaged or unreadable. Contact a servicing Honda lawn tractor dealer for replacement label. m l m FAILURE TO FOLLOW SAFE OPERATING PROCEED URES MAY RESULT IN INJURY. TIMES. KEEP HANDS, FEET AND CLOTHING AWAY FROM POWER DRIVEN PARTS.
  • Page 6: Assembly And Installation

    SB2040 Snowblower Assembly and Installation Proper installation of the SB2040 includes installing four (4) 26-lb. counterweights. These counterweights are not included with the snowblower and must be purchased separately. 1. Remove the lag bolts holding the blower head and the pulley assembly to the shipping pallet.
  • Page 7: Inventory Hardware Bags

    Assembly and Installation Inventory Hardware Bags Refer to the serial number (located on the right side of the blower head) and check all hardware. The following parts are included with all units: 3/4" ID x 1-1 1/16" plastic bushing 1/2" flat washer (2) 5/1 6"...
  • Page 8 SB2040 Snowblower Assembly and Installation The following parts are included only with serial number 1000001 - 1000500 only. The parts indicated in the shaded boxes are not required for assembly and installation of the snowblower. The following parts are only included with serial number 1000501 and up: P C P e @ @ 3/4"...
  • Page 9: Hardware Measuring Chart

    Assembly and Installation Hardware Measuring Chart How to measure hardware and components: INCHES MILLIMETERS 5/8 In 9/1 6 In 5 m m 6 m m 8 m m 10mm WASHERS ARE BY INSIDE DIAMETER Torque Values Fastener Size Hex nut I bolt, 1/4" Hex nut I bolt, 5/1 6"...
  • Page 10: Assemble The Snowblower

    SB2040 Snowblower Assemble the Snowblower FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Correct installation of this snowblower is essential for safe, reliable operation. Push Frame Installation Position the blower head on its front end as shown. Slide the push frame assembly into the blower head.
  • Page 11 Assembly and Installation Install Push Frame to Subframe 1. Position the push frame to the subframe as shown. 2. Install two 1-5/16" bushings, then install two 1/2 x 1-1/4" hex bob, 1/2" lock washers, and two 1/2" flat washers to the weld nuts on the push frame.
  • Page 12 SB2040 Snowblower Connect Lift Rods 1. Allow the subframe to pivot (while the blower head remains stationary), so you can connect the two lift rods to the subframe using the two 5/8 x 1-5/8" clevis pins and 4 x 80 mm spring clips. 2.
  • Page 13 Assembly and Installation Adjust Counterbalance Springs 1. Tighten the adjustment nut on each counterbalance spring bolt so the exposed thread length is 75 mm (3.0 inches). 2. Lift the subframe and remove the block of wood or support. After the counterbalance springs have been adjusted, they are under tension.
  • Page 14 SB2040 Snowblower Discharge Chute Assembly 1. Install the discharge guard on the chute as shown using two 3/8-3/4" hex bolts, 3/8" flat washers, 3/8" lock washers and 3/8" hex nuts. 2. Place the antifriction ring onto the blower head; the ring is keyed to the blower head so only one position fits.
  • Page 15: Installing The Snowblower

    Installing the Snowblower Remove the Mower Deck Follow the procedure in the H2013 Owner's Manual or H20133 Shop Manual, and remove the mower deck and front links from the lawn tractor. Remove Optional Trailer Hitch and / or Grass Bag Supports: Remove the trailer hitch and/or the grass bag supports if either are installed on the lawn tractor The counterweight bracket cannot be installed with the trailer hitch or grass bag supports.
  • Page 16 SB2040 Snowblower Install Brackets 1. If already installed, remove the hardware and the I-shaped brackets from the subframe of the assembled snowblower. 2. Install the I-shaped brackets to the lawn tractor frame using two 5/16 x 3/4" bolts and 5/16" lock washers as shown.
  • Page 17 Slowly lift the subframe with the height adjustment lever, so the hole on the left side of the subframe aligns with the rear hole on the u-shaped bracket. Loosely install a single 3/8 x 1-1/4" bolt through the rear holes only on each side of the u-shaped bracket and secure with a 3/8"...
  • Page 18 SB2040 Snowblower Connect Drive Belt & PTO Rod 1. Make sure the mower deck belt guard around the crankshaft pulley has been moved out of the way. This is typically done when the mower deck is removed. 2. Make sure the PTO clutch lever is OFF. 3.
  • Page 19 Check Belt Routing Path 1. Move the PTO clutch lever to ON. Verify the belt has been routed as shown. ENGINE CRANKSHAFT PULLEY TWIST IN BELT ON RIGHT SIDE PULLE Check Belt Guards and Gap Inspect the four belt guards on the PTO clutch assembly.
  • Page 20 Adjust Belt Tension 1. Locate the thin metal plate inside the tensioner spring. This plate is the belt tension indicator. 2. Loosen the jam nut on eye bolt side of the turnbuckle, and then turn the turnbuckle until the square tip of the belt tensioner indicator is flush with the end of the tensioner spring.
  • Page 21 Counterweight Installation Install the rear counterweight bracket to the rear of the lawn tractor frame as shown. Use two 8 x 25 mm hex bolts and 8 mm flat washers for the sides and a 1/2 x 1-1/4" hex bolt, 1/2" diameter lock washer and 1/2"...
  • Page 22: Safety Recommendations

    Honda lawn tractor dealer, or Honda Customer Service (page 4 5 ). 2. Read and understand the H2013 Owner’s Manual. 3. Allow only responsible adults, who are familiar with the instructions, to operate the machine.
  • Page 23 Safety Recommendations Before Operation 1. Before each use, clear work area of objects such as rocks, toys, wire, sleds, etc., which could be picked up and thrown. 2. Keep the snowblower in safe operating condition. Check the following each time before use: a) All hardware for tightness (refer to the torque table for details).
  • Page 24 SB2040 Snowblower 11. As a general rule, do not operate the machine in reverse. If it is absolutely necessary to back up: a) Disengage the PTO clutch. b) Check the area on the ground directly behind the machine. c) Continue to observe area down and to the rear while backing up. 12.
  • Page 25 Safety Recommendations Slope Operation 1. Slopes are a major factor in loss-of-control and tip-over accidents, which can result in severe injury or death. All slopes require extra caution. If you cannot back up the slope or feel uneasy on it, do not operate on a slope.
  • Page 26 SB32040 Snowblower Stopping 1. Before leaving operator’s position or leaving the machine unattended: a) Bring the lawn tractor to a complete stop. b) Move the PTO clutch lever to OFF. c) Lower the snowblower all the way down. d) Set the parking brake ON. e) Shut off the engine and remove the ignition key.
  • Page 27: Controls

    Safety Recommendations Controls Discharge Chute Rotation Crank Rotating this crank turns the discharge chute. Discharge Chute Deflector This determines the angle at which snow is discharged from the chute. The two locking knobs on the sides hold the chute at the desired angle. Lockout Pin The blowerhead pivots up and down on the subframe.
  • Page 28: Preparing For Snow Removal

    SB2040 Snowblower Preparing for Snow Removal Read the Safety Recommendations at the beginning of this section. Park the lawn tractor on a flat, level surface, Engage the parking brake, and remove the ignition key. Make sure the auger blades, blower head and discharge chute are free of any debris or objects. Verify the four counterweights (sold separately) are installed and properly secured to the rear frame.
  • Page 29: Operating The Snowblower

    Safety Recommendations Operating the Snowblower Read the lawn tractor owner's manual carefully. Be thoroughly familiar with the controls and proper use of the lawn tractor. Know how to stop the lawn tractor and disengage the controls quickly. Never allow children to operate the snowblower.
  • Page 30 SB2040 Snowblower When removing snow, do not use the snowblower as a dozer blade to push snow. Let the snowblower works its way through deep drifts. If the travel speed of the lawn tractor is too fast, the snowblower may become overloaded and clog.
  • Page 31: Removing The Snowblower

    Removing the Snowblower Removing the Snowblower Make sure the PTO clutch lever is OFF. Drive the lawn tractor to a flat, level surface, turn the engine off, remove the ignition key and set the parking brake ON. Disconnect the spark plug cap. Lower the height adjustment lever all the way down. Raise the front tires and support them squarely on top of two 4 x 4"...
  • Page 32 SB2040 Snowblower 7. Remove the 3.5 x 80 mm spring clip from the lockout pin, then engage the lockout pin into the push frame. You may need to slightly raise or lower the blower head to get the holes in the push frame and subframe to line up; reinstall the spring clip when the lockout pin is engaged.
  • Page 33 Removing the Snowblower 12. Lower the blower head slightly, then remove the four bolts that hold the u-shaped bracket to the subframe. 13. Remove the two spring clips and flat washers from the lift arms on the lawn tractor, then disconnect the two lift plates from the corresponding pins on the lift arms.
  • Page 34 However, the bracket must be removed before the optional hitch or grass bag kit supports can be installed. Follow the procedure in either the H2013 Owner’s Manual or H2013 Shop Manual to install the mower deck. POP 52152 (9610)
  • Page 35: Maintenance & Adjustments

    Maintenance & Adjustments Maintenance & Adjustments Maintenance Schedule E m t e chains Apply grease to antifriction ring Apply grease to bushings Apply grease to worm gear Inspect and adjust PTO spring tension Adjustments For best possible performance, the SB2040 features a number of adjustments: Skid Shoes The skid shoes should be adjusted based on the type of ground surface.
  • Page 36 SB2040 Snowblower Height Adjustment Lever Effort You may vary the amount of effort required to raise the blower head with the height adjustment lever. This is done by lengthening or shortening the exposed threads on the two counterbalance spring adjustment bolts. This balances the weight of the blower head against the springs, making the blower head easier (or harder) to lift with the height adjustment lever.
  • Page 37: Other Maintenance Items

    Maintenance & Adjustments Other Maintenance Items Shear bolt Replacement The auger and discharge fan both have special shear bolts that are designed to break if either the auger or fan are put under an excessive load. In the event a shear bolt does break, replace it with the bolt specified here: Fan, 5 x 40 mm with 1/2"...
  • Page 38 SB2040 Snowblower Install the New Belt 1. Installation is the reverse of removal. Refer to the illustration here to make sure the new belt is properly oriented along all pulleys. 2. Make sure the belt guards are correctly positioned as shown. Tighten the center bolt on each pulley to 27 - 31 N'm (20 - 23 ft.-lb.).
  • Page 39: Parts Listing

    Parts Listing SB2040 Snowblower Parts Listing Blower Head & PTO Clutch Assembly POP52152 (9610)
  • Page 40 SB2040 Snowblower Commercially Available Parts Description bolt, hex 318" nc 4" washer, lock 318" nut, hex 318" bolt, hex 8 x 25 washer, lock 5/16" washer, flat 5 1 1 bolt, flange 318" nc 314" nut, flange 318" nc bolt, flange 511 nc x 518"...
  • Page 41: Discharge Chute & Crank Rod

    Parts Listing SB2040 Snowblower Discharge Chute & Crank Rod ‘22 POP 521 52 (961 0)
  • Page 42 SB2040 Snowblower Commercially Available Parts Description bolt, carriage 511 6" nc x 1-112" 2 bolt, hex 114" nc x 314" washer, flat 114" washer, lock 114" nut, hex 114" nc bolt, hex 114" nc x 112" bolt, hex 8 x 25 mm washer, flat 511 6"...
  • Page 43: Subframe

    Parts Listing SB2040 Snowblower Subframe 521 52 (961 0)
  • Page 44 SB2040 Snowblower Commercially Available Parts Description bolt, hex 1/2" nc x 1-1/4" bolt, hex 7/16" nc x 1-1/4" bolt, hex 7/1 6 nc x 1 " bolt, hex 3/8" nc x 3" bolt, hex 3/8" nc x 2-1/2" bolt, hex 3/8" nc x 2" bolt, hex 3/8"...
  • Page 45: Optional Accessories

    Optional Accessories Optional Accessories A number of optional accessories are available for use with the SB2040 Snowblower. See your authorized servicing Honda lawn tractor dealer for availability and pricing. Tire Chains Tire chains are available for the rear tires. These chains greatly improve traction and are strongly recommended when using the snowblower.
  • Page 46: Warranty Service Information

    SB2040 Snowblower Warranty Service Information Honda Power Equipment dealership personnel are trained professionals. They should be able to answer any question you may have. If you encounter a problem that your dealer does not solve to your satisfaction, please discuss it with the dealership’s management. The Service Manager or General Manager can help.
  • Page 47 When you write or call, please provide the following information: • Model and serial numbers • Name of the dealer who sold the Honda power equipment to you • Name and address of the dealer who services your equipment •...

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