Honda BC4050 Operator's Manual

Honda bagger cart operator's manual
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  Summary of Contents for Honda BC4050

  • Page 3 BC4050 BAGGER CART HT38 HT3813 H4013 H4514/CD4538 H4518/CD4538C This operator’s manual is considered a permanent part of the bagger cart and should remain with the bagger cart if resold. The information and specifications included in this publication were in effect at the time printing.
  • Page 4: Safety Messages

    Safety Messages Your safety and the safety of others are very important. We have provided important safety messages in this manual. Please read these messages carefully. A safety message alerts you to potential hazards that could hurt you or others. Each safety message is preceded by a safety alert symbol DANGER, WARNING, or CAUTION.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    BC4050 BAGGER CART CONTENTS ASSEMBLY Assembly and hook-up information. OPERATION How to haul and dump grass safely. How to hook up and remove your bagger cart. How to convert the cart for hauling other loads......... .
  • Page 6 Hex Bolt, mm(4) Hex Nut. 112" 9 (1 hook), Pan Head Screw, 5/16 x 314" Flatwasher, 5/16" (6) BC4050 BAGGER CART 20 for part Latch Handle Straight Rod Dump Cloth Middle Chute Locknut, 511 6 (4) Spring Washer, 511 6" (2) Hex Nut, 5/16"...
  • Page 7: Assembly

    BC4050 BAGGER CART FASTENER MEASUREMENT WASHERS ARE SPECtFlED BY NSIDE DIAM€IER NUT AND BOLT DIAMETER mm Bolts 1/4 inch nuts and bolts 5/16 nuts and bolts 3/8 inch nuts and bolts 1/2 inch nuts and bolts NursAREs AT THREAD M P M...
  • Page 8 5/16 Inch LATCH HANDLE L f i WASHER (3) NUT (3) 511 6 inch LOCK NUT (nylon insert) BC4050 BAGGER CART 1/2 x 1-1/4 lock 1/2 inch nuts. l n x 1-114 Inch HEX BOLT (2)
  • Page 9 BC4050 BAGGER CART Install the lift handles, using four 1/4 x inch pan-head screws, four lock washers, and four 1/4 inch nuts. Tighten the nuts and screws securely. PAN-HEAD SCREW 7. Install the support tube, using four 5/16 x 1...
  • Page 10 Hook the ends of the frame rod through the eyes in the ends of the support rod. 10. Place the cover assembly over the cart support tube. Be sure the latch handle is outside the cover. Insert ends of the cover frame rod through the holes in cart support tube.
  • Page 11: Hitch Assembly

    BC4050 BAGGER CART Thread the dump cloth rod through the sleeve in the rear edge of the dump cloth. Position the dump cloth with the connecting sleeve cut-out at the right side of the cart. Insert the ends of the rod through the holes in...
  • Page 12: Chute Assembly

    ASSEMBLY Connect the cart to the tractor, using two clevis pins and two safety clips, as shown. HITCH BRACKET SAFEiY CLIP (2) Chute Assembly 19. Drill an 11/32 inch (8.5 rnrn) hole in the lower chute, shown. LOWER CHUTE FOR 38"...
  • Page 13 BC4050 BAGGER CART 21. Install two figure-8 hook loops on the connecting sleeve using 511 6 x 3/4 inch slotted truss head screws (inserted from inside the connecting sleeve), 5/16 inch flat washers and two 5/16 inch lock nuts. Position the figure-8 hook loops so they face the opening of the connector sleeve.
  • Page 14 BC4050 BAGGER CART Page 8...
  • Page 15: Operation

    BC4050 BAGGER CART OPERATION Safety Stop the tractor's engine, and set the parking brake, before connecting, disconnecting, or unloading the bagger cart. Check the mounting bracket to be sure it is securely bolted to the tractor. Always secure the bagger cart to the tractor with Check the latch handle to be sure the cart bed is securely latched to the frame.
  • Page 16: Connecting And Disconnecting The Cart

    Attach the lower hook to the hook loop on the lower chute. Disconnection c a r t Disconnect bagger from the tractor in the reverse order of connection. Page 10 BC4050 BAGGER CART HITCH BRACKET SAFETY CLIP (2) CLEVIS PIN...
  • Page 17: Unloading The Cart

    BC4050 BAGGER CART Unloading Cart You can check the grass load by looking through the window in the cover. The cart must be unloaded when grass builds up to the window. Overfilling will cause the chute to clog. Back the tractor into position at the place where you are going to dump the grass.
  • Page 18 Unhook the four plastic clips from the support tube. Pull out the dump cloth by the two fabric handles, rolling the grass load onto the ground. Reinstall the dump cloth, and hook the four plastic clips onto the support tube. BC4050 BAGGER CART...
  • Page 19 BC4050 BAGGER CART Tipping the Cart Bed If you dump the grass load by tipping the cart bed, you won’t need the dump cloth (page 12). You can remove the dump cloth, as described on page step 6. Unhook one end of the middle chute.
  • Page 20: Removing The Cover Assembly To Haul Other Loads

    Put the circle clips on the rod again, after removing the dump cloth, to prevent loss. Installing the Cover Assembly Install the dump cloth and cover assembly in the reverse order of removal. Page BC4050 BAGGER CART SUPPORT TUBE DUMP CLOTH...
  • Page 21: Maintenance

    BC4050 BAGGER CART Cover Assembly Check the condition of the cover before each use. The cover wears during normal use and will eventually require replacement. Check that the cover is not clogged with dirt and debris. The cover must be kept clean; good air flow through the cover fabric is essential for efficient grass bagging.
  • Page 22 BC4050 BAGGER CART Page...
  • Page 23: Specifications

    BC4050 BAGGER CART SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions ..... . Overall Length ..... .
  • Page 24 BC4050 BAGGER CART Page...
  • Page 25: Parts List

    BC4050 BAGGER CART PARTS LIST Description ..... Cart Bed....
  • Page 26 PARTS LIST PARTS LIST Page 20 BC4050 BAGGER CART Ref. Description Screw, truss-head, 5/16-18 x 314 in Bracket, hitch Bolt, hex, 8 x 20 mm . . . Washer, lock, 8mm ..Bolt, hex, 1/2-13 x 1 in...
  • Page 27: Customer Service Information

    BC4050 BAGGER CART CUSTOMER SERVICE INFORMATION Honda Power Equipment dealership personnel are trained professionals. They should be able to answer any question you may have. If you encounter a problem that your dealer does not solve to your satisfaction, please discuss Manager can help.