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Troubleshooting - KitchenAid ELECTRIC RANGE User Instructions

Electric range.
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The 120-volt appliance outlet located on the control console may
be used to run portable appliances placed on countertops beside
the range.
The outlet operates independently and is not affected by range
control settings.
NOTE: Do not place portable appliances on the cooktop. Damage
to the portable appliance could result if the cooktop is hot.
First try the solutions suggested here or visit our website and reference Customer Service section to possibly avoid the cost of a
Nothing will operate
Cooktop will not operate
Cooktop cooking results not
what expected
Oven will not operate
displayed when trying to use the
Control Lock function.
Oven temperature too high or
too low
Oven indicator lights flash
Oven control displays messages Power failure (display shows
Cooktop display shows
Appliance Outlets


service call.
Power supply cord is unplugged.
Household fuse is blown, or a
circuit breaker is tripped.
The control knob is set incorrectly. Touch the display area on the control panel to select a cooking
The cooktop control lockout is set. See "Control Lock" in the "Cooktop Use" section.
Cooktop is turned off.
Improper cookware being used
Cooktop control set to incorrect
heat level
Range is not level.
The electronic oven control was
set incorrectly.
Delay Start was set.
The oven control lockout is set.
The range is in Demo Mode.
A cooktop or oven function is
active, including the timer or timed
cooking features, or the oven is hot
or a cooktop hot surface indicator
is lit.
Oven temperature calibration
needs adjustment.
Needs service (oven indicator
lights are flashing).
flashing time)
Error code (display shows letter
followed by number)
Improper pan being used ("No
Pan" lights up in the display when
you place a saucepan on an
induction surface cooking area)
(on some models)
Appliance Outlet Circuit Breaker:
The circuit breaker for the appliance outlet on your range is located
next to the outlet. It is rated for 12 amps.
If the circuit breaker trips, it can be reset by pressing the switch. A
delay of several minutes may be required for the circuit breaker to
cool before it will reset.
Plug into a grounded outlet.
Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker. If the problem
continues, call an electrician.
surface before selecting a function.
The Power key was unintentionally touched. Press POWER
again. Reset the cooktop.
See "Cookware" section.
See "Cooktop Controls" in the "Cooktop Use" section.
Level the range. See the Installation Instructions.
See "Electronic Oven Controls" section.
See "Cook Time" section.
See the control lock keypad feature in the "Feature Guide"
Demo Mode will deactivate all heating elements. See "Demo
Mode" in the "Electronic Oven Controls" section.
Ensure that all cooktop and oven functions are off, and that the
cooktop and oven are cool. If this does not work, call for service.
See cover for contact information.
See "Oven Temperature Control" in the "Electronic Oven
Controls" section.
See "Control Display" in the "Electronic Oven Controls" section.
If the indicator light(s) keeps flashing, call for service. See cover
for contact information.
Clear the display. On some models, reset the clock, if needed.
See "Clock" keypad feature in the "Feature Guide" section.
Press the OFF keypad to clear the display. See "Control Display"
in the "Electronic Oven Controls" section. If it reappears, call for
service. See cover for contact information.
See "Pan Detection" in the "Cooktop Use" section. Check that
the saucepan is ferromagnetic. Check that the diameter of the
saucepan is large enough. Center the saucepan on the surface
cooking area. Allow the saucepan to cool down in the event that
it has become hot when used. Switch the surface cooking area
off, then on again. If the display still does not light up, turn power
off at the circuit breaker. Wait 20 seconds and turn power back


Table of Contents

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