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Toshiba SD-R5372V User Manual page 11

Dvd rewriteable drive
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NOTE: High-speed drives spin the disc at a high rotational speed. If a disc has printing on only half of the
disc, or if there is a slight imbalance in the disc, the imbalance is greatly magnified by the high speed,
causing the drive to vibrate or produce a fan-like noise. These effects are inherent in the high-speed
technology and do not indicate a problem with the drive.
Emergency Ejection
CAUTION: The following procedure is intended only as a last resort when pressing the
eject button fails to open the Loading Tray
1. Turn computer power OFF by properly shutting down system.
2. Insert a solid bar (i.e. large paper clip) into Emergency Eject hole and push in until loading tray
opens. Pull tray out.
Figure 3.Using Emergency Eject
Handling Media
DVD media is sensitive to dust and fingerprints. Carefully handle media by its edges only. If a DVD movie
skips or hangs during playback, clean the media. Most DVD video playback issues are media-related
and can be remedied by proper handling and care of media.
Cleaning Media
Try to avoid touching the read area (underside) of the disc as dirt and smears will degrade the disc
accessing speed.
If the disc becomes dirty wipe it with a damp soft cloth. Avoid cleaning in a circular motion, but rather
from the inner side outward.



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