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LG RC8066 Series Owner's Manual page 4

Lg dryer
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Table of Contents
afety Instructions
• Do not allow children or pets to play
• The appliance is not intended for use
• Young children should be supervised
Children and pets may injure or suf-
focate themselves.
• Do not use if power cord,
plug or socket is damaged.
May cause fire or electric
• Do not install or store the
dryer where it will be exposed
to the weather.
May cause fire, electric shock
or malfunction.
• Do not use an extension cord
or an adaptor to connect the
power cord.
May cause fire or electric
• Do not splash water on to the
May cause fire or electric shock.
• Unplug the power cord when
cleaning or not using the
Water or dirt may cause an
electric shock.
on or inside the dryer.
by young children or infirm people
without supervision.
to ensure that they do not play with
• Keep pets away from the
Pets may damage the dryer,
or may receive an electric
• Do not press buttons using
sharp implements such as
knives and screwdrivers.
May damage the dryer or
cause electric shock.
• Do not dry articles that have
been cleaned in, washed in,
soaked in, or spotted with
combustible or explosive
substances (such as wax, oil,
paint, gasoline, degreasers,
dry-cleaning solvents,
kerosene, etc.).
May cause fire or explosion.
• Do not place flammable items
near the dryer.
May cause toxic gases, parts
damage, fire or explosion.
• Before the appliance is
removed from service or
discarded, unplug the
appliance then disassemble
the door and cut off the
power cord to prevent misuse.
May cause accident and
• The packaging bag is not a
toy. Destroy after opening.
To avoid the possibility of
suffocation, keep the
packaging bag away from
babies and

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Table of Contents

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