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Safety Instructions - LG RC8066 Series Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
afety Instructions
For your safety, the information in this manual must be followed to minimise the risk of fire or
explosion, electric shock, or to prevent property damage, personal injury or death.
• Serious injury or death may occur when not observing the following rules.
• It is strictly forbidden to use the product for anything other than the manufacturer authorised
usage. LG doesn't take full responsibility for the damage by inaccurate and improper usages.
• Do not repair or replace any part of the dryer or attempt any servicing unless specifically rec-
ommended in the user-maintenance instructions or published user-repair instructions that you
understand and have the skills to carry out.
• Before plugging in the power
cord, make sure cord is
earthed and connected to a
circuit breaker.
No earthing may cause
breakdowns or an electric
• Do not plug into an adaptor. Do
not use with an extension lead.
Abnormal heating of outlet
may cause a fire.
• Do not remove the top plate
when installing the dryer.
• Do not modify this product.
May cause breakdown, fire or
electric shock.
• Keep the dryer away from
cookers, naked flames, or any
other inflammable objects.
May cause fire or parts to melt.
• Do not use a damaged power
cord or place heavy objects
on the cord.
A damaged power cord may
cause fire or electric shock.
• Do not touch the plug or
switch on with wet hands.
May cause an electric shock.
• Disconnect the power cord by
grasping the plug, not the
May cause damage of cord
resulting in fire or electric
• Wipe dirt and stains from the
power cord and insert the
plug firmly into the socket.
Dirt and poor connections
may cause fire.

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Table of Contents

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