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Moisture Sensor - LG RC8066 Series Owner's Manual

Lg dryer
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Table of Contents
aring for Your Dryer
Ventilation Grill and Cool Air
Inlet Grill
Vacuum the front ventilation grill 3-4 times a year to
make sure there is no build up of lint or dirt that
could cause improper air flow.
- Warm air is exhausted through the venti-
lation grill
- Adequate ventilation has to be provided
to avoid the back flow of gases into the
room from appliances burning other
fuels, including open fires.
Condensed Water Drain-out
Normally, condensed water is pumped up to the water
container where water is collected until manually emp-
tied. Water can also be drained out directly to a mains
drain, especially when the dryer is stacked on top of a
washing machine. With a connecting kit for a mains
drain hose, simply change the water path and reroute
to the drainage facility as below:
1. Take
kit out.
2. Separate
hose from
the kit.
3. Connect
drain hose
to the kit.

Moisture Sensor

The device senses the moisture level of the
laundry during operation, which means it must
be cleaned regularly to remove any build up of
lime scale on the surface of the sensor. Wipe
the sensors inside drum (as illustrated)

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Table of Contents

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