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Level The Dryer - LG RC8055AH1Z Owner's Manual

Heat pump dryer
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Table of Contents
nstallation Instructions

Level the Dryer

Dryer is raised
Adjustable Feet
Adjustable Feet
Dryer is lowered
Adjustable Feet
1. Levelling the dryer prevents unnecessary
noise and vibration. Place your dryer on a
solid, level floor.
Place the dryer in an area free from flammable
materials, condensation and not liable to
2. If the dryer is not properly level, adjust the
front levelling feet as necessary.
Turn them clockwise to raise and
counter-clockwise to lower until the dryer no
longer wobbles, both front-to-back,
side-to-side and corner-to-corner.
Diagonal Check
When pushing down the edges of the machine,
the machine should not move up and down at all
(Please check both directions).
If the machine rocks when pushing the machine
top plate diagonally, adjust the feet again.

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Table of Contents

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