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Rack Dry - LG RC8055AH1Z Owner's Manual

Heat pump dryer
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Table of Contents
perating your dryer

Rack Dry

The dryer rack is placed inside the dryer as seen in
the picture below. Remove and discard packing
material before use.
The Rack Dry is designed for use with items that
must be dried flat, without tumbling, including
sweaters and delicate fabrics.
To use the Rack Dry :
1. Open the door.
2. Do not remove the filter.
3. Place drying rack over the bottom of
the dryer door opening.
Reset the rack on the dryer back
Push down on the frame front to
secure over filter.
4. Place wet items on top of the rack.
Allow space around items for air to
The rack does not move, but the drum
will rotate.
5. Close the door.
6. Turn power on and select Rack Dry.
Check the filter and remove any lint
accumulated from items dried on the rack.
1. Insert wire
edge to the
drum center.
2. Place delicate
fabrics or
sports shoes.

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Table of Contents

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