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Additional Grounding Procedure - LG RC8055AH1Z Owner's Manual

Heat pump dryer
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nstallation Instructions
Earthing Instructions
This appliance must be earthed. In the event of
malfunction or breakdown, earthing will reduce
the risk of electric shock by providing a path of
least resistance for the electric current.
This appliance is equipped with an earthed cord
and an earthing plug. The plug must be plugged
into an appropriate outlet that is properly
installed and earthed in accordance with local

Additional Grounding Procedure

Some countries may require a separate ground. In
such cases, the required accessory ground wire,
clamp and screw must be purchased
Condensed Water Drain
This appliance can be plumbed directly into
the mains waste with the adaptor supplied.
Condensed water will drain away. A plumber
will be required.
The dryer should not be installed next to a
refrigeration appliance.
Do not install the Heat Pump dryer next to
a high-temperature appliance such as a
refrigerator, oven or stove etc.
which can affect poor drying performance
and programme duration, and adversely
affect the proper functioning of the com-
The Heat Pump dryer performs best at a
room temperature of 23°C
- The damper in the door lock assembly
and the packing for the rack assembly in
the drum should be removed before use.
- For better drying performance, please
keep the rear of product away from wall.
- Do not install the dryer where there is a
risk of frost or dust.
• The tumbles dryer may not be able to
operate properly or may be damaged by
freezing of condensed water in the
pump and drain hose.
Avoid installing the product around a heat
The rear side of the dryer must be well
If not, this may cause problems.

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Table of Contents

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