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LG RC8055AH1Z Owner's Manual page 12

Heat pump dryer
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Table of Contents
perating Your Dryer
Please read before using your LG dryer for the first time
After removing the packaging, please carry out the following checks to ensure the LG dryer is
correctly installed and ready for use. (See installation instructions.)
1. Check the dryer is well balanced by using a spirit level. If not, adjust the feet of the LG dryer until
the machine is balanced.
2. Check the water container, filter, control panel and drum to make sure everything is in place.
3. Set the machine to dry for 5 minutes to warm up the drum.
4. Open the door between loads the first few times you use the machine to allow any odours from the
interior of the LG dryer to disperse.
The final part of a tumble dryer cycle occurs without heat (cool down cycle) so that the items are
left at a temperature to ensure that the items will not be damaged.
1. Turn the power on.
First, press the ''Power'' button. The indicator
light above the button will become illuminated
indicating that the machine is all set to run.
2. Open the door.
3. Check the filter and water container
are clean.
The filter is inside the door rim or in the back
of the door. It needs to be cleaned before and
after drying.
Open the door and check the filter is clean. If
not, please clean it referring to page 17.
Also check if the water container need to be
emptied for optimum drying results.
4. Place laundry into the drum after
The clothes should be sorted by fabric type
and dryness level and all the strings and belts
of clothes should be well tied and fixed before
being put into the drum.
Push the laundry to the back to keep it away
from the door seal.
If not, the door seal and clothes may be
Do not dry unwashed items in the tumble
Glass Door
Opaque Door
Turn the
power on.
Open the
Check the

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Table of Contents

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