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Time Delay; Child Lock; Drum Light; Spin Speed - LG RC8055AH1Z Owner's Manual

Heat pump dryer
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dditional Functions

Time Delay

You can use the Time Delay option to
delay the finishing time of drying cycle.
Maximum Time Delay is 19 hours.
Minimum Time Delay is 3 hours.
1. Turn the dryer on.
2. Select a cycle.
3. Set time delay hour(s) by pressing the
" ", " " button.
4. Press Start/Pause button.
Anti Crease
The Anti Crease option prevents creases
that are formed when the laundry is not
unloaded promptly at the end of the drying
cycle. When Anti Crease is selected, the
dryer repeatedly runs and pauses, giving
you 2 hours to unload the laundry. If the
door is opened during the Anti Crease
option, the option is cancelled.
Favorite option allows you to store a
customised dry cycle for future use.
1. Turn the dryer on.
2. Select a cycle.
3. Select the option or additional programme.
(Anti-Crease, Spin speed etc.)
4. Press and hold Favorite option button for 3
The Favorite option is now stored for future
use. To reuse the stored cycle, select
Favorite option and press the Start/Pause.

Drum Light

Whilst the dryer is running it is possible to
see inside the drum if you select the Drum
Light function.
- Light on : Door is opened.
- Light off : Door is closed.
Off automatically.

Spin speed

This additional program is able to control
drying time, allowing you to select high or
normal. (Default option is normal)
- High : When washing dehydration proceeds
from more than 1,200 rpm.
- Normal : When washing dehydration
proceeds from less than 1,000 rpm.
Spin RPM is based on the LG Washing
Hand Iron
This function retains a higher level of moisture
in garments than the standard Iron dry level.
Dry Level
Mixed Fabric
Easy Care
Damp Dry Beep
This function lets you know when the clothes
are ready for ironing, with a beeping sound.
Dry Level
Extra / Very
Cupboard / Light
Very / Cupboard
Mixed Fabric
Easy care

Child Lock (

For the safety of children, press Dry Level
button for about 3 seconds.
You will see "
" indication on the LED.
You can see "
" sign on LED window.
- All controls except Child Lock and Power
buttons will be disabled.
- Child Lock continues after the end of cycle.
To turn the Child Lock off, press Dry Level
button for about 3 seconds.
This is an option to enable you to adjust
volume of beeper sound.
Hand Iron
is available
Damp Dry Beep
is available

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Table of Contents

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