Drive Operation - Hitachi CDR-8130 Instruction Manual

Hitachi instruction manual cd-rom drive cdr-8130
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Install the CD-ROM Drive following general installation procedure shown below.
1. Check the Device Configuration Jumper settings of the CD-ROM Drive such
as Master, Slave, CSEL. (See page 6)
2. Turn off the host computer and unplug the power supply cable of the host
3. Remove the host computer cover.
4. Install the CD-ROM Drive into the host computer and mount tightly by screws.
5. Check the settings of the interface card.
6. Install the interface card in the slot.
7. Firmly attach the interface cable from the interface card to the CD-ROM
8. Firmly attach Audio connecting cable as required.
9. Finally attach a spare DC power supply cable from the computer power supply
to the CD-ROM Drive firmly.
10. Install the host computer cover.
To install CD-ROM device driver in the host computer to operate this CD-ROM
Drive, refer to the instruction manual of each CD-ROM device driver.


1. Turn on the SYSTEM including the CD-ROM Drive.
2. Press the OPEN/CLOSE button of the CD-ROM Drive to open the Disc Tray.
3. Place the disc in the center of the Disc Tray with label side up as shown
4. To close the Disc Tray, press the OPEN/CLOSE button on the CD-ROM Drive
or push lightly the center of the front of the Disc Tray as shown below. The
disc Tray will close the rest of the way automatically.
5. Operate referring to the instruction manual of CD-ROM device driver.
Power supply cable
Interface cable
Audio connecting cable

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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