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Hitachi CDR-8130 Instruction Manual page 5

Hitachi instruction manual cd-rom drive cdr-8130
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- In a place where an operation temperature reaches beyond the specified
temperature 40C
- High humidity locations
- In a location subject to extreme changes of temperature and humidity
- In a room where dust density higher than 0.1 mg/m
- In a room that has air conditioning with humidity control which may scatter
calcium combinations and other powdered substances
- In a room containing exhaust gas fumes such as exhaust gas from gasoline or
diesel engines or corrosive gas such as H
- In a location subject to vibration and jarring during drive operation
- In a location subject to sudden shock and jolt during drive operation
Mounting requirements
Mount your CD-ROM drive tightly in horizontal or vertical position by screws.
The inclination of your CD-ROM Drive should be within 5° as shown below. If you
do not,
- When the Disc Tray is opened, the disc may jump out and may be damaged.
- It may cause damage to your CD-ROM drive.
- Your CD-ROM Drive may not work with full performance.
Mounting screw
The screws must be ISO (M3 x 0.5) to mount the CD-ROM Drive tightly and
avoid damaging the mechanism inside the CD-ROM Drive. (See page 11)
Moving your CD-ROM Drive
Remove the disc and close the Disc Tray before moving the CD-ROM Drive. If
your CD-ROM Drive is moved with the disc loaded or the Disc Tray opened,
both the disc and the CD-ROM Drive may be damaged.
Cleaning of the CD-ROM Drive, discs
- Never clean your CD-ROM Drive and discs with silicon cloths or cloths soaked
in water, solvents (thinner, benzine), abrasive cleaner, anti-static sprays, any
record cleaner sprays, liquid cleaner or aerosol cleaner. It may damage or
discolor the coating of the CD-ROM Drive or damage or deform discs.
- Clean your CD-ROM Drive including the Disc Tray and discs with a clean, dry,
soft cloth at least once a month.
- Clean your CD-ROM drive's pick-up lens using a cleaning disc.
S (Hydrogen sulfide)

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