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Wireless Radio Control
Wake on LAN/WLAN
Block Sleep
Primary Battery Configuration
Battery Slice Configuration
Table 8. POST Behavior
Adapter Warnings
Allows you to control the WLAN and WWAN radio. The options are:
Control WLAN radio
Control WWAN radio
Default Setting: both the options are disabled.
This option allows the computer to power up from the off state when triggered by a
special LAN signal. Wake-up from the Standby state is unaffected by this setting
and must be enabled in the operating system. This feature only works when the
computer is connected to AC power supply.
Disabled - Does not allow the system to power on by special LAN signals
when it receives a wake-up signal from the LAN or wireless LAN. (Default
LAN Only - Allows the system to be powered on by special LAN signals.
Allows you to block the computer from entering into the sleep state. Option is
disabled by default.
Block Sleep (S3)
Allows you to define how to use the battery charge, when AC is plugged in. The
options are:
Standard Charge
Express Charge
Predominantly AC use
Auto Charge (Default Setting)
Custom Charge — you can set the percentage to which the battery must
charge .
NOTE: All charging modes may not be available for all the batteries.
Allows you to define the how to charge the battery. The options are:
Standard Charge
Express Charge (Default Setting)
Allows you to activate the adapter warning messages when certain power
adapters are used. The option is enabled by default.
Enable Adapter Warnings
Allows you to define how the computer handles the mouse and touchpad input. The
options are:
Serial Mouse
PS2 Mouse


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