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Electrolux LAVATHERM 58860 User Manual

Condenser dryer


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  • Page 1 LAVATHERM 58860 User manual Condenser dryer...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Selecting the programme Door reversal DRYNESS Special accessories SPIN SPEED Service Selecting additional options Guarantee/Customer Service TIME DELAY START GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND Child lock European Guarantee Starting the programme Changing programme Laundry unloading Subject to change without notice...
  • Page 3: Operating Instructions

    Important safety information Operating Instructions Important safety information In the interest of your safety and to ensure the correct use, before installing and first using the appliance, read this user manual carefully, including its hints and warnings. To avoid unnecessary mistakes and accidents, it is important to ensure that all people using the appliance are thoroughly familiar with its operation and safety features.
  • Page 4 Important safety information • Please make sure that no gas lighters or matches have accidentally been left in pockets of garments to be loaded into appliance WARNING! Never stop a tumble dry before the end of the drying cycle unless all items are quickly removed and spread out so that the heat is dissipated.
  • Page 5: Environment

    Environment • Caution - hot surface : Do not touch the door light cover surface when the light is switched on. (Only dryers equipped with internal drum light) Child safety • This machine is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without su- pervision.
  • Page 6: Product Description

    Product description WARNING! When the unit is no longer being used: • Pull the plug out of the socket. • Cut off the cable and plug and dispose of them. • Dispose of the door catch. This prevents children from trapping themselves inside and endangering their lives.
  • Page 7: Control Panel

    Control panel Adjustable feet Control panel Control panel Programme selector and on/off switch Function buttons START PAUSE button DELAY START button Status LED Display Display time to end / error message cycle phase status options warnings spin speed selection dryness selection Display description DRYNESS default minimal DRYNESS...
  • Page 8: Before First Use

    Before first use Display description SPIN SPEED scope (200 SPIN SPEED default minimal SPIN SPEED maximal SPIN SPEED rpm step) iron dry (drying phase light dry (drying phase cupboard dry (drying strong dry (drying indicator) indicator) phase indicator) phase indicator) extra dry (drying phase cooling (drying phase crease guard (drying...
  • Page 9: Programme Overview

    Programme overview Programme overview max. load Care Programmes (weight Application/properties Options mark when dry) COTTONS Thorough drying of thick or multi- except EXTRA DRY 8 kg layered fabrics, e.g. terry towel- TIME ling items, bathrobes. Thorough drying of thick fabrics, except INTENSIVE DRY 8 kg...
  • Page 10 Programme overview max. load Care Programmes (weight Application/properties Options mark when dry) except For sportswear, thin fabrics, poly- SPORTS LIGHT 2 kg sensitive ester, which are not ironed. and TIME Bed linen (single and double all except BED LINEN 3 kg sheet, pillowcase, bedspread, du- sensitive vet cover).
  • Page 11: Daily Use

    Daily use max. load Care Programmes (weight Application/properties Options mark when dry) DRYNESS, SPIN SPEED, long anti- For very quiet and gentle drying NIGHT CYCLE COTTON 8 kg crease, buz- of cotton. zer , DELAY START 1) The delicate and sensitive options cannot be selected together 2) select delicate 3) delicate set as default Daily use...
  • Page 12: Average Laundry Weights

    Daily use Average laundry weights bathrobe 1200 g quilt cover 700 g man’s work shirt 600 g man’s pyjamas 500 g sheet 500 g tablecloth 250 g man’s shirt 200 g night dress 200 g pillow case 200 g towelling towel 200 g blouse 100 g...
  • Page 13: Selecting The Programme

    Daily use Selecting the programme Use the programme selector to set the programme you require. The estimated time to end of the pro- gramme appears on the LCD, e.g. ( hours . minutes ). During the cycle, time elapses by steps of one mi- nute.
  • Page 14: Time

    Daily use delicate long anti-crease sensitive buzzer delicate icon flashes. Flashing icon means: selected but not active. To activate se- lected option press OK button (4). Activated option is visible as flashing icon with dash beneath. 3. Press alternately OPTION button (3) to select appropriate options and OK button (4) to activate it.
  • Page 15: Delay Start

    Daily use 2. Press the TIME button (5) repeatedly until the desired programme duration is shown in the display, e.g. for a programme of 20 minutes. If the programme duration is not selected, the duration is automatically set to 10 min. DELAY START With the DELAY START button (7), you can delay the start of a programme by be- tween 30 minutes (30') and a maximum of 20 hours (20h).
  • Page 16: Laundry Unloading

    Care and cleaning The programme can no longer be changed directly once the programme has started. If nevertheless there is an attempt to change the programme on the programme knob, the programme progress display and the maintenance indicators flash. If an option (excluding the buzzer ) is set, Err appears in the multidisplay.
  • Page 17 Care and cleaning Open loading door Use a damp hand to clean the micro- fine filter, which is built into the lower part of the loading aperture. After a period of time, a patina due to detergent residue on laundry forms on the filters.
  • Page 18: Cleaning The Door Seal

    Care and cleaning To do this, grip the top of the large mesh filter and pull it forwards until it comes loose from the two brackets. Remove fluff from the entire filter area. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose.
  • Page 19: Cleaning Heat Exchanger

    Care and cleaning 2. Pour condensed water out into a basin or similar receptacle. 3. Refit water reservoir. If the programme has been interrupted as a result of the water reservoir being full: Press the START PAUSE button to contin- ue the drying cycle.
  • Page 20: Cleaning The Drum

    What to do if ... 5. Use the handle to pull the heat exchanger out of the base and carry it horizontally to prevent any remaining water from spilling. 6. To empty the heat exchanger, hold verti- cally over a washing-up bowl. CAUTION! Do not use sharp objects to clean.
  • Page 21 What to do if ... Problem Possible cause Remedy Loading door is open. Close loading door. Have you pressed the START Press the START PAUSE button PAUSE button (6)? (6) again. Select a different programme Wrong programme selected. the next time you dry (see “Pro- gramme chart”...
  • Page 22: Changing The Bulb For Interior Lighting

    What to do if ... Problem Possible cause Remedy Select time programme or Not enough washing loaded or Drying cycle ends shortly after higher drying level (e.g. EXTRA washing loaded is too dry for programme starts. DRY or INTENSIVE DRY instead selected programme.
  • Page 23: Machine Settings

    Machine settings Machine settings Setting Implementation Buzzer permanent on/off 1. Turn the programme selector to any programme. 2. Press simultaneously the DRYNESS (1) and SPIN SPEED (2) buttons and hold down for approx. 5 sec- onds. 3. The buzzer is by default always off. You can use the buzzer option to activate or deactivate sound but the machine does not memorize your selection.
  • Page 24: Hints For Test Institutes

    Hints for test institutes Depth with loading door open 109 cm Height can be adjusted by 1.5 cm Weight when empty approx. 40 kg max. 8 kg Loading volume (depends on programme) Voltage 230-240 V Required fuse 13 A Total power 2350 W Energy efficiency class Energy consumption (8 kg of cotton, pre-spun...
  • Page 25: Installation

    Installation Installation Appliance positioning • It is recommended that, for your convenience, the machine is positioned close to your washing machine. • The tumble dryer must be installed in a clean place, where dirt does not build up. • Air must be able to circulate freely all round the appliance. Do not obstruct the front ventilation grille or the air intake grilles at the back of the machine.
  • Page 26: Electrical Connection

    Installation 3. Remove foil hose and polystyrene pad- ding from the machine. Electrical connection Details on mains voltage, type of current and the fuses required should be taken from the rating plate. The rating plate is fitted near the loading aperture (see “Product description” chapter).
  • Page 27: Door Reversal

    Service Permanent connection In the case of permanent connection it is necessary that you install a double pole switch between the appliance and the electricity supply (mains), with a minimum gap of 3 mm between the switch contacts and of a type suitable for the required load in compliance with the current electrical regulations.
  • Page 28: Guarantee/Customer Service

    GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND Standard guarantee conditions We, Electrolux, undertake that if within 12 months of the date of the purchase this Elec- trolux appliance or any part thereof is proved to be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship or materials, we will, at our option repair or replace the same FREE OF CHARGE for labour, materials or carriage on condition that: •...
  • Page 29: European Guarantee

    Email: European Guarantee This appliance is guaranteed by Electrolux in each of the countries listed at the back of this user manual, for the period specified in the appliance guarantee or otherwise by law. If you move from one of these countries to another of the countries listed, the appliance guar- antee will move with you subject to the following qualifications:- •...
  • Page 30:

    • The appliance guarantee is personal to the original purchaser of the appliance and cannot be transferred to another user. • The appliance is installed and used in accordance with instructions issued by Electrolux and is only used within the home, i.e. is not used for commercial purposes.
  • Page 31 Electrolux Domáce spotre‐ biče SK, Seberíniho 1, 821 03 Bratislava Suomi Sverige +46 (0)771 76 76 76 Electrolux Service, S:t Görans- gatan 143, S-105 45 Stockholm Türkiye +90 21 22 93 10 25 Tarlabaşı caddesi no : 35 Taksim İstanbul Россия...
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