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Schwinn 112 Parts List, Full Size Hardware Chart, Product Illustration, Assembly Instructions

Upright exercise bike
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112/113 Schwinn
Upright Exercise Bike
Parts List
Full Size Hardware Chart
Product Illustration
Assembly Instructions
P/N 001-7243 Rev B 03/26/08



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  • Page 1 112/113 Schwinn Upright Exercise Bike ® Parts List Full Size Hardware Chart Product Illustration Assembly Instructions P/N 001-7243 Rev B 03/26/08 page:1/16...
  • Page 2: Computer

    FITNESS SAFEGUARDS AND WARNINGS Before starting any exercise program, consult with your physician or health professional. He or she can help establish the correct exercise frequency, intensity (target heart rate zone) and time appropriate for your particular age and condition. The following 3 warnings listed below are also located on the computer console mast of the exercise bike.
  • Page 3 • A flat area of 4’ x 6’ is suggested to assemble and properly use the 112/113 exercise bike. • You will need the following tools to complete the assembly:...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Parts List Check Quantity Description Reference # Computer Handlebar Assembly Upper Heart Rate Cable Computer Mounting Screws Computer/Handlebar Mast Curved Washers Allen Bolt M8 x P1.25 x 16mm Computer Cable (upper) Computer Cable (lower) Flat Head Screws 8x16L Front Stabilizer tube (w/wheels) Pedals Main Unit Rear Stabilizer Tube...
  • Page 5 (Pedal Wrench) Stage#5 Box Spanner 1 Allen Key Screws M3x14mm Note: Please verify you have all correct parts and quantities before assembling unit. If you are missing items, are short quantities, or have damaged components, please contact Schwinn at 1.800.864.1270 page:5/16...
  • Page 6 112/113 Assembly Drawing with Reference Numbers page:6/16...
  • Page 7: Handlebar Assembly

    Replacement Parts List Reference # Description Part # Computer 18143 (112) 18142 (113) Handlebar Assembly 18154 Upper Heart Rate Cable 18141 Computer Mounting Screws 18094 Computer/Handlebar Mast 18127 Curved Washers 18098 Allen Bolt M8 x P1.25 x 16mm 18001 Computer Cable (upper)
  • Page 8: Flat Head Screws 8X16L

    Instructions IMPORTANT!: To ensure ease of assembly please verify the size and quantity of all the required assembly hardware and parts with the enclosed parts list and full size hardware chart. Each step of the assembly process has been broken down into 7 easy-to-follow stages.
  • Page 9 Assembly Stage #2 Attach Pedals to the Crank Arms on Main Unit Assembly hardware required: NONE 1. Attach right PEDAL (#13R) to the right crank arm on the RIGHT CRANK (#38R). Thread the pedal onto the crank arm and then tighten with pedal wrench. 2.
  • Page 10: Seat Post Adjustment Knob

    Assembly Stage #3 Attach Seat Post, Slider, and Pad to Main Unit Assembly Hardware Required: NONE 1. Insert SEAT POST (#17) into corresponding hole in MAIN UNIT (#14). Tighten down with SEAT POST ADJUSTMENT KNOB. (#16). 2. Insert SEAT (#21) onto SEAT SLIDER (#17). Tighten bolt on underside of the seat with a wrench until seat no longer twists or tilts.
  • Page 11 Assembly Stage #4 Attach Computer/Handlebar Mast to Main Unit. Attach Handlebar Assembly to Computer/Handlebar Mast. Assembly Hardware Required: (4) M8 Allen Bolt 16mm (item #8) (already on main unit) (4) Curved Washers (item #17) (Already on main unit) (1) T-Knob (item #22) (1) T-Knob Bushing (item #23) (1) Spring Washer (item #24) (1) Flat Washer 7x12x1T (item #25)
  • Page 12 1. Attach the LOWER COMPUTER CABLE (#10) from the MAIN UNIT (#14) to the UPPER COMPUTER CABLE (#9) from the bottom of the COMPUTER/HANDLEBAR MAST (#6). 2. Slide the COMPUTER/HANDLEBAR MAST (#6) onto the MAIN UNIT (#14). 3. Fasten the COMPUTER HANDLEBAR MAST to the MAIN UNIT with the 8mm BOLTS (#8) and CURVED WASHERS (#7) and tighten.
  • Page 13 Assembly Stage #5 Attach Handlebar Cover to Handlebar Assembly. Assembly Hardware Required: (4) Screws M3x14L (item#29) 1. Attach FRONT HANDLEBAR COVER (#27) and the REAR HANDLEBAR COVER (#28) around the HANDLEBAR ASSEMBLY (#2) using 4 SCREWS (#29). page:13/16...
  • Page 14: Water Bottle

    Assembly Stage #6 Attach Computer Console to Computer/Handlebar Mast & Water Bottle Cage Assembly Hardware Needed: (4) Computer Screws (item #5) (Already attached to computer) (2) Screw 5x20L (item#19) 1. Attach UPPER COMPUTER CABLE (#9) exiting top of COMPUTER/HANDLEBAR MAST (#6) to the bottom of the COMPUTER (#1). page:14/16...
  • Page 15: Power Plug

    STABILIZER TUBE (#12) That’s it! You’re finished and now you can begin to reach your fitness goals! Please reference the Owner’s Manual for information regarding computer operation, product maintenance, Warranty information, and general fitness and exercise guidelines. Schwinn Customer Service 1.800.864.1270 page:15/16...
  • Page 16 Troubleshooting the Schwinn 122/123 Upright Exercise Bike TIP: Use assembly diagram(s) as reference when troubleshooting unit. PROBLEM: Computer will not start, function, or is blank… (SOLUTION): 1. Ensure the batteries were installed correctly. 2. Check the wiring connections and connector orientation made to the computer.

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