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Something Not Working - Zanussi TL1004V Instruction Book

Washing machine tl 1004 v
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If the machine does not start up :
check that the door is firmly shut;
check that the appliance is plugged in;
check that the mains fuse is intact;
check that the programme selector dial is correctly
If the machine does not fill :
is the tap on ?
is water coming out of the tap? Check.
is the inlet hose squashed or bent?
is the filter of the inlet hose clogged?
If the machine empties as it fills:
the end of the drain hose is too low.
If the machine does not drain and/or does not
is the drain hose squashed or bent?
is the drain filter clogged?
If there is water on the floor:
too much detergent or unsuitable detergent? The for-
mation of foam can cause water leaks.
is one of the joints or the tap leaking? It is not always
easy to see as the leak often runs along the hose.
If the machine vibrates or is too noisy:
have all the transit bolts and packing been removed?
is the machine touching something?
are all the feet resting firmly on the ground? Have the
lock nuts been secured?
If you are unable to identify or solve the problem, consult
our servicing department. Before telephoning, make a
note of the make, model and date of purchase of your
machine: the Service Department will require this infor-
You will find these informa-
tions on the data plate of the
appliance. It is placed on
the back of the appliance



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