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Maintenance; Cleaning The Machine; Cleaning The Pump Filter - Zanussi TL1004V Instruction Book

Washing machine tl 1004 v
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Cleaning the machine :

Leave the lid open for a while after the wash to allow air to
circulate freely inside the machine;
The cabinet should be cleaned only with some soap-suds
and rinsed and dried carefully;
All polished, chromium plated and plastic parts should
only be cleaned with a damps cloth.
It is advisable, from time to time, to carry out a complete
cycle without a washing load, adding a decalcifying product.
To help you clean them and remove any powder clots, the
hoppers of the machine powder dispensers are removable.

Cleaning the pump filter

The machine has got another mecanic filter located on the
front part to collect lint and small objects (toothpins, coins,
pins, etc.) inadvertently left in the clothes. It is essential that
this filter is cleaned regularly.
Frequency of cleaning depends on the type of articles
washed (cleaning should be more frequent if the articles have
no hem and tend to fray).
To clean the filter proceed as follows :
Open the flapdoor covering the filter by pressing the left hand
side of the filter door (fig. 1).
Place a container underneath to catch any spillage. According
fig. 1
to the models, complete the draining of the appliance by
taking away the yellow cap and by extracting the little hose
located on the left of the filter (fig. 2).
fig. 3
fig. 2
Turn the filter anticlockwise and
clean it thoroughly with running
water (fig. 3).
Refit the filter in the guides and
turn it clockwise.
Refit the little hose and the yellow
cap, then close the flapdoor.
Cleaning the detergent dispenser
The detergent dispenser is very easy to remove. Just turn the
two screws 1/4 of a turn and slide the box towards the top
Clean the detergent dispenser under running water with a
brush or a piece of rag.
Reposition the detergent dispenser into the lid and refix
the two screws



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