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Zanussi TL 522 C Instruction Book

Top-loading washing machine
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TL 522 C


This appliance complies with the following EC Directive:
- 72/23/EEC of 19.02.1973 - Low Voltage Directive
- 89/336/EEC of 03.05.1989 (including Amentment Directive 92/31/EEC) - EMV Directive.


You must read the whole of this instruction book before you use the appliance.
Follow the advice carefully. Keep the book for future reference. If you sell or
give away the appliance, make sure that the book is passed to the new owner.
The following warnings are provided in the interest of overall safety. You must
read them before the appliance is installed or used.
This appliance is designed to be used by adults. Children should not be
allowed to touch the controls or play with the product.
It is dangerous to modify the specifications of this appliance in any way.
Always unplug the appliance and turn off the water after use.
Only wash fabrics with are designed to be machine washed. If in doubt,
follow the instructions you find on the label of the item itself.
Place small metal rings or edged plastic rings in a net or bag.
Make sure that all pockets are empty. Hard, sharp objects such as coins,
safety pins, nails, screws or stones can cause extensive damage.
Do not machine wash fabrics which are saturated with petroleum products.
If volatile cleaning fluids have been used, make sure that they are
thoroughly removed from the fabrics before they are placed in the appliance.
Small and delicate objects (e.g. baby socks,stockings) can be easily
washed inside a small pillowcase with a zip fastener or in larger
Use only the recommended quantities of fabric conditioner.
Before cleaning, care and maintenance, ensure that the machine is
switched off.
Any electrical work required to install this appliance should be carried out
by a qualified electrician or competent person.
Any plumbing work required to install this appliance should be cariied out
by a qualified plumber or competent person.
Make sure that the appliance does not stand on its electrical supply
Height with panel
Height without panel
- 1 -
895 mm
850 mm
397 mm
600 mm
230 V / 50 Hz
2300 W (10 A)
1950 W
5 N/cm² (0,5 kg/cm
80 N/cm² (8 kg/cm
5 kg
2,5 kg
1 kg
500 rpm
This appliance is heavy. Care should be taken when moving it.
All packaging and transit bolts must be removed before the appliance is
used. Serious damage may occur if this is not done.
If your washing machine is in a room subject to temperatures below
freezing, the water must be removed from the machine should the danger
of freezing be expected.
Lid : your washing machine is equipped with a safety avoiding the
switching of the appliance when the flapdoors of the drum are opened ;
the closure of the lid is so impossible. An electromechanic safety
prohibits the opening of the lid when the washing machine works and
2 minutes after the end of the programme.
Washing motor : in case of mechanic overloading, overvoltage, a thermic
safety protects automatically the motor.
Heating : the heating can only begin whenthe water quantity necessary
for the washing is in the tub. This safety is useful when there is a water
break-up or if you forget to open the water inlet hose.
When disposing of the machine in a proper manner, destroy the door
locks and cut off the power supply cord.
Environmental information
All materials marked by the symbol
disposed of without danger or burnt in rubbish incinerators.
In order to realize water and energy savings and to act in an environmentally
conscious manner, we advice to follow the below instructions :
- use if possible the appliance with full loadsinstead of partial loads. Take care
to do not overload the drum.
- Use only the programmes with prewash for very soiled laundry.
- Savings on detergent and for the environment may also be achieved if with
medium to hard water you add sufficient detergent for soft water and then add
separately a softener. This relievesour waters of a certain amount of
are biodegradable. They can be



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  Summary of Contents for Zanussi TL 522 C

  • Page 1: Washing Machine

    INSTRUCTION BOOK - WASHING MACHINE TL 522 C TECHNICAL INFORMATION DIMENSIONS Height with panel 895 mm Height without panel 850 mm width 397 mm depth 600 mm POWER SUPPLY VOLTAGE / FREQUENCY 230 V / 50 Hz TOTAL POWER ABSORBED...
  • Page 2: Installation

    INSTALLATION BE CAREFUL : The parts protecting the inner components of the machine during transit are red. They must all be removed before using your machine for the first time. In order to avoid possible damage to the appliance, it is indispensable to take away the polystyrene basis, the two red loosened spacers at the back of the applianc and the polystyrene wedge (follow the instructions of the unpacking sheet).
  • Page 3: Use Of Your Appliance

    USE OF YOUR APPLIANCE The control panel Never turn the programme selector when the appliance is working. TL 522 C °C Detergent dispenser 1 ON/OFF pushbutton " " Press the ON/OFF pushbutton, the programme starts. Symbols ) Washing powder or liquid 2 Half load pushbutton "...
  • Page 4 PROGRAMMES CHART Programmes for cotton/linen and for synthetics/delicates/wool Maximum loads : 5 kg (cotton),2,5 kg (synthetics), 1 kg (wool). Programmes Temperatures Detergent Water Time description (°C) dispensers consumption in minutes to use in liters Whites with prewash 60-90 Whites without prewash 60-90 Resistant coloureds 40-60...
  • Page 5: Hints And Tips

    Operating instructions 4. Add the fabric softener Pour the softener, if required, into the compartment marked ( ). Do not exceed the MAX level. 1. Place the laundry in the drum lift up the lid of the machine 5. Press the half load pushbutton " "...
  • Page 6: Wash Code Symbols

    As weighing can be complicated, we suggest you estimate the weight according to how full the drum is: Follow the indications given by the detergent manufacturer cotton and linen : drum full not too tighty packed according to the weight of laundry, the degree of soil and the resistant synthetics : no more than 2/3 of the drum hardness of the water in your area;...
  • Page 7: Cleaning And Maintenance

    CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Make sure that the machine is unplugged and the water tap turned off before undertaking any kind of maintenance. Bodywork The outside or the machine can be cleaned with warm water and a neutral non-abrasive household detergent. Wipe with clean water and dry after cleaning.
  • Page 8: If Something Doesn't Work

    IF SOMETHING DOESN'T WORK ? Problems Problems Problems Problems Problems Solutions Solutions Solutions Solutions Solutions Check that : The wash results are not as usual The wash results are not as usual The wash results are not as usual The wash results are not as usual The wash results are not as usual was the wrong quantity or the wrong detergent added ? Insufficient detergent leads to grey washes and scale deposits in the machine.
  • Page 9 129 7074 02...