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Zanussi TLADV805 Instruction Book

Washing machine tladv 805
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Connection to the water network
This washing machine complies with CEE directive 89-336 about the limitation of radioelectric disturbances
and directive CEE 73-23 for electrical safety.
Keep this user's manual with your washing machine. If you sell your washing machine or give it away, make sure that it is
accompanied by its user's manual. The new user can then be informed of how the washing machine operates and read
relevant warnings. These warnings have been written for your safety and for the safety of others. Please read these com-
ments carefully before installing and using your washing machine. Thank you for your attention.
When you receive your washing machine, unpack it or have it
unpacked immediately. Check its general appearance. Make
any reserves in writing on the delivery form and keep a copy.
Your washing machine was designed for use by adults. Make
sure that children do not touch it or use it as a toy.
Do not modify or attempt to modify the characteristics of this
washing machine. This could be dangerous for you.
Your washing machine is intended for normal domestic use.
Do not use it for commercial or industrial purposes or for any
purpose other than that for which it was designed : to wash, to
rinse and to spin.
Unplug the power suplly plug and close the water supply tap
every time after using your washing machine.
Only wash articles that can resist machine washing. Refer to
the instructions on the label for each article.
Do not wash underwear with bones, or any material without
hems, or torn materials in your washing machine.
Remember to remove all coins, safety pins, boraches, screws,
etc., before each wash. They can cause serious damage if
they are left in your washing.
Do not put articles in your washing machine if you have used a
solvent, alcohol, trichloroethylene, etc., to remove stains from
them. If you must use these stain removers, wait until the pro-
duct has evaporated before putting the articles in the drum.
Collect all small articles such as socks, belts, etc., in a small
cloth bag or pillow case.
Use the quantity of detergent indicated in the «proportioning of
detergents» section.
Always unplug the washing machine before cleaning it and
doing any maintenance.
This washing machine is heavy. Take care when moving it.
850 mm
397 mm
600 mm
230 V / 50 Hz
2300 W
0,05 MPa (0,5 bar)
0,8 MPa (8 bars)
Type 20x27
You must remove the packing on the washing machine before
use. Failure to remove all transport protection devices can
cause damage to the washing machine or nearby furniture.
The washing machine must be unplugged while packing is
being removed.
Do not allow any one other than a qualified plumber to make
the hydraulic connections necessary to install your washing
The washing machine must be plugged in to a power outlet
with a conform earth.
Call a qualified electrician if the electrical installation in your
residence is such that you have to modify it before you can
connect your washing machine.
Please read the instructions in the "electrical connections"
chapter carefully before connecting your washing machine.
After installing your washing machine, make sure that it is not
standing on its electrical power supply cable.
When your machine is installed on a carpeted floor, make sure
that the carpet does not close off the ventilation openings near
the bottom of the machine.
The power supply cable may be only replaced by the After
Sales Service.
Your manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any damage
resulting from a nonconform installation.
146 5638 00 - 09/03



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  Summary of Contents for Zanussi TLADV805

  • Page 1 INSTRUCTIONS BOOK WASHING MACHINE TLADV 805 1. TECHNICAL CARACTERISTICS DIMENSIONS Height 850 mm Width 397 mm Depth 600 mm VOLTAGE / FREQUENCY 230 V / 50 Hz TOTAL POWER 2300 W WATER PRESSURE Minimum 0,05 MPa (0,5 bar) Maximum 0,8 MPa (8 bars) Connection to the water network Type 20x27 This washing machine complies with CEE directive 89-336 about the limitation of radioelectric disturbances...
  • Page 2: Installation

    3. INSTALLATION 3.3. Moving your washing machine If you want to move your washing 3.1. Unpacking machine, lift it onto its rollers by pul- Packing used to protect internal parts of the washing ling the lever at the bottom of the machine during transport must be removed before the washing machine all the way to the washing machine is put into service for the first time.
  • Page 3: The Control Panel

    4. USING 4.1. The control panel 1 - On/Off pushbutton 4 - Spinning speed variator 2 - Spinning speed reduction 850/400 5 - Program selector 3 - Half load pushbutton 6 - Temperature selector 1 2 3 4.2. How to do a wash ? 4.2.4.
  • Page 4 The programmes end : • by a spinning (for the cotton programmes). • by a rinse hold (for the synthetics, delicate and wool program- mes). You can finish these programmes by choosing either the Spinning programme, either the Draining programme taking care to release the on/off pushbutton before doing your choice.
  • Page 5: Programs Table

    5. PROGRAMS TABLE The following does not show all possibilities, but simply the most frequent settings. Washing Program Possible Approximate Load tempera- Washing type options consumptions ture °C Liters Duration Cotton + prewash 60 - 90 2,20 145-155 Cotton 60 - 90 1,90 125-135 Cotton...
  • Page 6: Washing Guide

    6. WASHING GUIDE directly in the drum, or in the wash compartment provided that the washing machine is started immediately; deter- gents in tablets or doses must be put into the wash compart- 6.1. Sorting and preparing your ment of the detergents dispenser in your washing machine. The quantity of detergent to be used depends on the amount washing of washing to be washed, the hardness of the water and how...
  • Page 7: Care And Cleaning

    7. CARE AND CLEANING 7.4. The drain filter Clean the filter at the bottom of the washing machine regu- Do not do any cleaning operation until you have unplugged larly. The "filter" light comes on if the filter is blo-cked. In the washing machine.
  • Page 8: Operating Problems

    8. OPERATING PROBLEMS Many checks have been carried out during the manufacture of your washing machine. However, if you face a problem with its operation, please read the following sections before calling the After Sales Service: Symptom Cause The washing machine will not start or will not fill: •...

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