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Bake Function - Black & Decker CTO6305C Use And Care Book Manual

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BAke FunCtiOn

Selecting Cooking temperature and time
Caution: unit gets hot. neVer touch outer surfaces, including the glass door. Always
use oven mitt or pot holder.
note: You have 10 seconds for selecting the temperature and time. If you exceed this
time, the display will change back to the default (0 00) temperature and time; simply
repeat steps 1-5 below to begin again.
1. Press BAke
blinks and 350°F (180 °C) default temperature flashes on the
digital display (e).
2. to change the temperature, immediately press ▲ or ▼ button
until you reach desired temperature (F).
note: Cooking temperature can be adjusted from 200˚F to 450˚F
(93 ˚C - 232 ˚C).
• Tap button and release to change in increments of 5 degrees.
• Press and hold button to change rapidly in increments
of 25 degrees.
3. t o set the cooking time, press the time
plugged in the unit, the default cooking time of 0:30 (30 minutes)
flashes on the display (g); otherwise it will display the last
selected time.
button. The unit beeps, on indicator light
button. If you just
4. Immediately press ▲ or ▼ button to select desired time up to
a maximum of 2 hours (H).
• Tap button and release to change in one-minute
• Press and hold button to change rapidly in 10-minute
5. once you have set desired temperature and time, press
StArt/StOP button.
• digital display flashes lo and PReHeAT until the unit reaches
150˚F (65˚C), then it flashes temperature until the set
temperature is reached (J).
6. open oven door. Insert food to be cooked or heated on bake
pan or pizza pan into the oven. See CookIng CHART on
pages 16 and 17 for recommended temperatures and times.
7. Close oven door.
important: You cannot change the temperature or time
during the preheat cycle. Once unit reaches selected
temperature, then you can change them at any time.
For your convenience, the unit always remembers the last
selected setting, unless unplugged.
• When unit reaches set temperature, it beeps and the display
alternates between temperature and time during the entire
cooking cycle.
• The time will count down in one-minute increments until
it reaches 59 seconds, then it counts down in one-second
• At the end of the cooking cycle, the unit beeps 3 times and
cooking stops.
note: You can stop the cooking at any time by pressing the
StArt/StOP button.
8. To open the oven door, use an oven mitt to grip handle and
gently pull forward to bring door down until it rests on the
counter (k).



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