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Guarantee Certificate United Kingdom - Siemens Gigaset AL110 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Guarantee Certificate
United Kingdom
Without prejudice to any claim the user (customer)
may have in relation to the dealer or retailer, the cus-
tomer shall be granted a manufacturer's Guarantee
under the conditions set out below:
In the case of new devices and their components
exhibiting defects resulting from manufacturing
and/or material faults within 24 months of pur-
chase, Gigaset Communications shall, at its own
option and free of charge, either replace the
device with another device reflecting the current
state of the art, or repair the said device. In respect
of parts subject to wear and tear (including but
not limited to, batteries, keypads, casing), this
warranty shall be valid for six months from the
date of purchase.
This Guarantee shall be invalid if the device defect
is attributable to improper treatment and/or fail-
ure to comply with information contained in the
user guides.
This Guarantee shall not apply to or extend to
services performed by the authorised dealer or
the customer themselves (e. g. installation, config-
uration, software downloads). User guides and
any software supplied on a separate data medium
shall be excluded from the Guarantee.
The purchase receipt, together with the date of
purchase, shall be required as evidence for invok-
ing the Guarantee. Claims under the Guarantee
must be submitted within two months of the
Guarantee default becoming evident.
Ownership of devices or components replaced by
and returned to Gigaset Communications shall
vest in Gigaset Communications.
This Guarantee shall apply to new devices
purchased in the European Union. For Products
sold in the United Kingdom the Guarantee is
issued by: Gigaset Communications UK Limited,
Quatro House, Lyon Way, Camberley, Surrey,
GU16 7ER.
Any other claims resulting out of or in connection
with the device shall be excluded from this Guar-
antee. Nothing in this Guarantee shall attempt to
limit or exclude a Customers Statutory Rights, nor
the manufacturer's liability for death or personal
injury resulting from its negligence.
The duration of the Guarantee shall not be
extended by services rendered under the terms of
the Guarantee.
Insofar as no Guarantee default exists, Gigaset
Communications reserves the right to charge the
customer for replacement or repair.
The above provisions does not imply a change in
the burden of proof to the detriment of the cus-
To invoke this Guarantee, please contact the Gigaset
Communications telephone service. The relevant
number is to be found in the accompanying user

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Table of Contents

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