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Siemens HEV 35.1 Operating Instructions Manual

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This cooker will provide you with much pleasure in your
Please read these operating instructions carefully, so as to
make use of all the technical advantages provided by the
The start of the operating instructions contains a number of
important instructions with regard to safety. You will then be
introduced to the individual components of your new cooker.
This section will tell you all you need to know about the
cooker functions and operation.
The tables have been structured in such a way as to provide
a step by step guide to the cooker settings. They contain
useful information about the appropriate cookware, insertion
level, and the optimum settings, all of which have, of course,
been carefully tested in our cooking studio.
To ensure the long lasting attractiveness of your cooker,
we have also included numerous tips on appliance care
and cleaning. And in the unlikely event of an appliance fault,
you will find, on the last pages, troubleshooting information
which will help you to rectify minor faults yourself.
Any questions? You can always refer to the detailed table
of contents, enabling you to find your way around quickly.
And now - enjoy your cooking.

Operating Instructions

HEV 35.1
5650 018 232



  Summary of Contents for Siemens HEV 35.1

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Any questions? You can always refer to the detailed table of contents, enabling you to find your way around quickly. And now - enjoy your cooking. Operating Instructions HEV 35.1 5650 018 232 B080382...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Important information ..... . . Before connecting the appliance ....Safety information .
  • Page 3 Table of contents Advice on roasting and grilling ....Bakes, gratins, toast ......Frozen foods .
  • Page 4: Important Information

    Important information q Installation and connection must be carried in Before connecting accordance with the instructions and wiring the appliance diagram provided, and only by an authorised expert. Improper connection will invalidate your warranty. q Do not switch the appliance on if transport damage is apparent.
  • Page 5: How To Prevent Damage To Your Appliance

    q Never store combustible items in the oven. They could catch fire when the oven is switched on. Do not place any combustible items on the hob. There is a risk of burning. q If there is a fault, switch off the oven at the fuse box.
  • Page 6: Your New Cooker

    Your new cooker The control panel Details vary according to the model Clock Minus Timer Oven function selector, button button button with indicator light Y = Defrosting Cooking Plus t = Top/bottom heating Q = Hot air time button button button x = Radiant grilling R = Fan assisted grilling...
  • Page 7 4 hotplate controls I = lowest setting K = ignition position J = highest setting Oven temperature selector, with indicator light 50 270 = temperature in ºC Radiant grilling 1 = low grill 2 = medium grill 3 = high grill The indicator light lights up when you switch on the temperature selector.
  • Page 8: Types Of Heating

    Different types of heating modes are available for Types of heating the oven, enabling you to select the best method for cooking. Defrosting A fan in the rear wall of the oven circulates the air in the oven around the frozen food. Frozen meat pieces, poultry, bread and cakes defrost quickly and evenly.
  • Page 9: Cooling Fan

    Grilling with circulating air This type of heating involves the grill heating element and the fan switching on and off alternately. During the pause in heating, the fan circulates the heat generated by the grill around the food. This ensures that pieces of meat are crisped and brown on all sides and that the oven remains cleaner than in top and bottom heating.
  • Page 10 HEZ 3000 Aluminium baking tray for cakes and biscuits. Insert the baking tray to the end stop with the sloping edge facing the oven door. HEZ 3300 Universal pan for juicy cakes, frozen meals and large roasts. It can also be used to collect dripping meat juices when grilling directly on the wire grill.
  • Page 11 Profi extra deep pan and HEZ 3700 pull out shelf for cooking large quantities of food. This consists of an extra deep pan, a wire grill and a telescopic pull out shelf. With its removable wire grill, the pan is ideal for grilling.
  • Page 12: Before Using For The First Time

    Before using for the first time When the oven is first connected, or following a power Setting the clock failure, three zeros will flash in the display. Set the time. Use the + or buttons to set the correct time. Press the j clock button.
  • Page 13: Cleaning The Accessories

    Please wash the accessories with soapy water before Cleaning the using them for the first time. accessories Cooking Use the switches for setting each hotplate. Hotplate controls for gas burner It has the settings: S = Off setting J = Large flame, highest setting K = Ignition setting = Economy flame, lowest setting An end stop is fitted at the end of the setting range.
  • Page 14: Setting The Oven

    Setting the oven Set the type of heating and then the temperature or the grill setting. That's all. When your meal is ready, switch off the oven. Your oven may also be set to switch off automatically after a preset time has elapsed. If you have to leave the house, you can set the oven to switch on and off automatically.
  • Page 15: If The Oven Is To Switch Off Automatically

    Set the function selector and the temperature selector If the oven is to as described in points switch off automatically Press the ? cooking time button. Use the + or buttons to change the suggested cooking time. The cooking time will start once the symbol has stopped flashing.
  • Page 16: If The Oven Is To Switch On And Off Automatically

    Notes q The set time counts down in the clock display. If you wish to know how much longer the meal in the oven will take, press the ? cooking time button. The time remaining is then displayed for a few seconds.
  • Page 17: Cakes And Pastries

    Automatic operation is cleared when the time appears in the display. If the display still shows 0.00, press the ? cooking time button. The time will appear. If the meal is not quite Reset as described in points if the meal is not ready quite ready.
  • Page 18 Cakes in tins Tin on the wire grill Level Type of Tempera Baking heating ture in ºC time in minutes Cakes on the tray Level Type of Temperature Baking heating in ºC time in minutes...
  • Page 19 Cakes on the tray Level Type of Temperature Baking heating in ºC time in minutes Pizza Universal pan 210 230 25 35 Aluminium baking tray + 180 200 35 45 Universal pan** Use the deeper universal pan for very moist fruit cakes. ** Always place the universal pan above the baking tray when you are cooking on two levels at once.
  • Page 20: Advice On Baking

    Bread and rolls Level Type of Tempera Cooking time in heating ture in ºC minutes Bread made with 1.2 kg flour* Universal pan (preheat) +40 50 Sour dough bread made with Universal pan 1.2 kg flour* (preheat) +40 50 Bread rolls (e.g. rye rolls) Universal pan 200 220 20 30...
  • Page 21 The biscuits or cake will Place the tray back into the oven again for a short pe not come off the baking riod. Now loosen the biscuits immediately. Next time tray. line the baking tray with non stick baking paper. The cake will not come out Once baked, allow the cake to cool for 5 to 10 min when tipped upside down.
  • Page 22: Meat, Poultry, Fish

    Meat, poultry, fish Cookware You may use any heat resistant dishes. For large roasts, the universal pan may also be used. Always place the dish in the centre of the wire grill. Hot glass dishes should be placed on a dry kitchen towel after removal from the oven.
  • Page 23: Meat

    The table applies to insertion into a cold oven. The Meat time specifications are provided as guidelines only and depend on the type and quality of the meat. Meat Weight Ovenware Level Type of Temperature Duration heating ºC, grill minutes...
  • Page 24: Poultry

    The table applies to dishes placed in a cold oven. Poultry The weights indicated in the table refer to oven ready poultry (without stuffing). If you are grilling directly on the wire grill, you should also put the univesal pan in on level 1. Pierce the skin of duck or goose under the wings to enable the fat to run off.
  • Page 25: Fish

    The table applies to dishes placed in a cold oven. Fish Fish Weight Ovenware Level Type of Temperature Duration in heating ºC, grill minutes Grilled fish 300 g each Wire grill* Setting 2 18 20 1 kg 190 200 45 50 1.5 kg 170 190 50 60...
  • Page 26: Bakes, Gratins, Toast

    Bakes, gratins, toast The table applies to dishes placed in a cold oven. Meal Ovenware Level Type of Temperature Duration in heating ºC, grill minutes Sweet bakes Casserole 170 190 40 50 (e.g. quark and fruit bake) Savoury bakes made from Casserole, 200 220 25 35...
  • Page 27: Frozen Foods

    Frozen foods Please observe the instructions on the package. The values in the table apply to insertion into a cold oven. Meal Level Type of Temperature Duration in heating in ºC minutes Fruit strudel* Universal pan 180 200 40 50 French fries* Universal pan 240 250...
  • Page 28: Drying

    Acces Level Type of Temperature °C sories heating Sensitive frozen foods Wire The temperature e.g. cream gateaux, cream cakes, cakes with grill selector remains chocolate or icing, fruit switched off Other frozen products* Wire 50 ºC Chicken, sausages and meat, bread, rolls, cakes grill and other pastries Place poultry onto the plate with the breast side down.
  • Page 29: Sterilizing

    Sterilizing Preparation Setting procedure...
  • Page 30: Sterilizing Fruit

    As soon as the contents of the jars begins to bubble, Sterilizing fruit i.e., many bubbles form in quick succession (after approx. 40 to 50 minutes), switch off the temperature selector. The function selector remains switched on. The jars should be removed from the oven after 25 to 35 minutes of residual heat.
  • Page 31: Timer

    Timer You can set the timer at any time. You can even set it when a cooking time or end time has already been set. The time set always counts down visibly in the display. The timer also features a special acoustic signal. This enables you to tell whether it is the timer or a cooking time which has run down.
  • Page 32: Care And Cleaning

    Care and cleaning Do not under any circumstances use a highpressure or steam cleaner. Just wipe the appliance with a damp cloth. For stub Appliance exterior born soil add a few drops of washing up liquid to the water. Dry with a dry cloth. Never use strong or abrasive cleaning agents, as these can leave the surfaces looking dull.
  • Page 33: Accessories

    It is best to soak the accessories in household deter Accessories gent immediately after use. Any left over dirt can then be easily removed using a brush or cleaning sponge. Observe the following in order to ensure the long la Oven sting attractiveness of your oven: Never use hard scouring pads or coarse cleaning...
  • Page 34: Troubleshooting

    q Oven cleaners must only be used in a cold oven. q Apply the cleaning agent and allow it to take effect. For particularly stubborn dirt, it is possible to heat up the oven to 50 °C for a maximum of 2 minutes, but no longer, otherwise the enamel could be stained.
  • Page 35: Replacing The Oven Light

    If the oven light fails, it must be replaced. You can do Replacing the oven this yourself. You can obtain the correct 20 watt light halogen bulb from your local specialist. The wattage is written on the glass cover. Ensure that your hand does not come into contact with the halogen bulb as you replace it.
  • Page 36: After Sales Service

    Replacing the glass cover If the glass cover of the oven light is damaged, it must be replaced. Replacement glass covers can be obtained from the after sales service. Please specify the E number and FD number of your appliance. After sales service Our after sales service is there for you in the event that your appliance needs to be repaired.
  • Page 37: Protection Of The Environment

    Protection of the environment Your new appliance was protected by suitable Packaging and old packaging while it was on its way to you. All materials appliances used for this purpose are environmentally friendly and suitable for recycling. Please make a contribution to protecting the environment by disposing of the packaging appropriately.
  • Page 38: Test Dishes

    Test dishes In accordance with DIN 44547 and EN 60350 Baking The values in the table apply to dishes placed in a cold oven. Meal Accessories and notes Level Type of Temperature Baking time heating in ºC in minutes Ø Ø...
  • Page 39 Grilling The values in the table apply to dishes placed in a cold oven. Meal Accessories Level Type of Grill setting Cooking heating time in minutes Toast Wire grill Setting 3 (10 mins. preheating) Beefburgers, x 12* Wire grill Setting 3 25 30 Turn half way through the cooking time.
  • Page 40 Notes...