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Before Requesting Service - Panasonic NV-SJ3MK2AM Operating Instructions Manual

Video cassette recorder line recording
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Before Requesting
Before requesting service, check the following
points again.
VCR (Line Recording) will not operate.
[Mains lead not connected.]
– Reconnect mains lead to mains outlet.
[Safety devices operating.]
– Disconnect mains lead and wait for 1 minute.
Reconnect mains supply and check functions.
[An unknown language appears on the screen.]
– Select the desired language. See page 5.
Picture noisy or not in colour.
Horizontal bars or lines run down the
[TV not tuned to VCR (Line Recording).]
– Check TV tuning. See page 4.
[Video heads clogged or worn.]
– Condensation may have formed, or a faulty
tape has been used. See page 3.
Do not operate VCR (Line Recording) for
1 hour, then insert a new tape (original may
be faulty) and play back for a few minutes. If
fault does not clear, consult your dealer for
further advice.
[Tape defective due to surface damage or
– Check another tape to see if noise-free and
replace defective tape.
VCR (Line Recording) rewinds automatically
during playback.
[Tape end detector works during playback due
to damaged tape.]
– Replace defective tape.
Remote control does not operate correctly.
[Remote control transmitter beam not reaching
VCR (Line Recording).]
– Ensure that remote control is pointed at VCR
(Line Recording) and transmitter beam is not
[Distance is too far.]
– Use remote control within 7 m of VCR (Line
Recording). If this range is not possible,
replace batteries.
[Batteries exhausted.]
– Replace batteries with UM3 or R6 type
available from your dealer. Note precautions
for replacement on page 2.
[Batteries incorrectly fitted with reversed.]
– Fit batteries correctly as shown on page 2.

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