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Panasonic NV-SJ5MK2AM Operating Instructions Manual

Video cassette recorder line recording
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Video Cassette Recorder Line Recording
Before attempting to connect, operate or adjust
this product, please read these instructions
Operating Instructions



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  Summary of Contents for Panasonic NV-SJ5MK2AM

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Video Cassette Recorder Line Recording NV-SJ5 Operating Instructions Contents Precautions Connections Tuning the TV to your VCR (Line Recording) Menu Setting Playback Play-Off Timer Recording and Editing One-Touch Recording (OTR) Other Functions Before Requesting Service Specifications Before attempting to connect, operate or adjust this product, please read these instructions completely.
  • Page 2: Infrared Remote Control

    Plus, “Alumina” Head Cleaner further enhanced cleaning efficiency. – Based on in-house tests with Panasonic video cassettes. Actual head life may vary according to conditions of use, tape type, temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Page 3: Precautions

    ENGLISH Dirt on the Video Heads Precautions If the video heads get dirty, pictures will not be recorded or played back clearly. (See the following conditions.) Please read these precautions before you operate this VCR (Line Recording). Small amount Large amount Normal picture of dirt of dirt...
  • Page 4: Connections

    ENGLISH Connections B: Connection to a TV using A: Basic Connections the Audio/Video Input Socket Aerial TV Set (Not Supplied) TV Set (Not Supplied) (Not Supplied) Aerial Connector AUDIO IN VIDEO IN CH ADJ. CH ADJ. (Not Supplied) AUDIO VIDEO AUDIO VIDEO RF OUT RF OUT...
  • Page 5: Menu Setting

    [AUTO]: Menu Setting Allows PAL, MESECAM or NTSC signals to be distinguished automatically. Normally set at this position. If the picture lacks colour when [AUTO] is set, set to POWER VCR/TV SPEED [PAL], [MESECAM] or [NTSC]. SEARCH TRACKING/V-LOCK [PAL]: MENU RESET PLAY Use when recording or playback in the PAL...
  • Page 6: Playback

    Playback POWER VCR/TV SPEED SEARCH TRACKING/V-LOCK MENU RESET PLAY PLAY/ REC/ LP(EP) STANDBY REC/OTR POWER EJECT STOP STOP INDEX Preparation For High Speed Cue or Review Insert a recorded video cassette tape. Playback (JET SEARCH) During playback, tap [FF] or [REW] twice. Operations 1 Start viewing the picture by Hints:...
  • Page 7 Notes: For High Speed Picture During – During any playback mode other than normal Fast Forward or Rewind playback, the picture may have some noise Keep [FF] pressed during fast forward. bars, the colour may be unstable, or a black Keep [REW] pressed during rewind.
  • Page 8: Play-Off Timer

    Play-Off Timer PLAY/ REC/ LP(EP) STANDBY REC/OTR POWER EJECT STOP Whenever you are playing back a tape and wish to stop the tape automatically, simply set the playback duration up to 240 minutes using [PLAY/OFF]. Preparation Insert a recorded cassette. Operations 1 Start playback by pressing [PLAY].
  • Page 9: Recording And Editing

    To Interrupt Recording Recording and Press [PAUSE/SLOW] Editing during recording. Press it again to continue REC/ LP(EP) STANDBY recording. PLAY/ REC/ LP(EP) STANDBY To Select the Desired Tape REC/OTR POWER EJECT STOP Speed Press [SPEED] before recording. AUDIO/VIDEO IN Repeatedly pressing this button changes the tape speed in the following order.
  • Page 10 POWER VCR/TV SPEED SEARCH TRACKING/V-LOCK MENU RESET PLAY AUDIO OUT VIDEO OUT STOP INDEX CH ADJ. AUDIO VIDEO RF OUT B · G · H RF IN D · K · K1 SELECT Editing To Record a TV Programme Various contents from other sources can be TV programmes can be recorded by recorded as a series into a single tape.
  • Page 11: One-Touch Recording (Otr)

    One-Touch Recording (OTR) PLAY/ REC/ LP(EP) STANDBY REC/OTR POWER EJECT STOP Whenever you are in a hurry to start a timer recording with automatic stop in your absence, simply set the recording duration up to 240 minutes with [REC/OTR]. Preparations –...
  • Page 12: Other Functions

    Searching while checking the Other Functions video cassette contents (Intro-Jet Scan) The approximate beginnings of each recorded POWER VCR/TV SPEED programme are played in succession at the SEARCH TRACKING/V-LOCK high speed so that the programme to be MENU RESET PLAY viewed can be located easily.
  • Page 13: Settings Using The On Screen Display

    Settings Using the On Screen Display Press [OSD]. 2 3 4 5 – The on screen display appears during playback REMAIN 4:00 0:00.22 or AV external recording MESECAM or playback. – Press [OSD] again to make the on screen display disappear. 1 Remaining tape time –...
  • Page 14: Before Requesting Service

    Remote control does not operate correctly. Before Requesting [Remote control transmitter beam not reaching VCR (Line Recording).] Service – Ensure that remote control is pointed at VCR (Line Recording) and transmitter beam is not obstructed. Before requesting service, check the following points again.
  • Page 15: Specifications

    Specifications Power Source: 110–240 V AC 50/60 Hz Power Consumption: 10 W Video Recording System: 2 rotary heads, helical scanning system Video Heads: 2 heads Tape Speed: PAL; 23.39 mm/s (SP), 11.7 mm/s (LP), 7.8 mm/s (EP) NTSC; 33.3 mm/s (SP), 11.1 mm/s (EP) Tape Format: VHS tape...
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