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Panasonic NV-SJ410 Series Operating Instructions Manual

Video cassette recorder nv-sj410 series
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Video Cassette Recorder

Operating Instructions

Before attempting to connect, operate or adjust this product,
please read these instructions completely.



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  Summary of Contents for Panasonic NV-SJ410 Series

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Video Cassette Recorder NV-SJ410 Series Operating Instructions Before attempting to connect, operate or adjust this product, VQT8527 please read these instructions completely.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Dear Customer May we take this opportunity to thank you for purchasing this Panasonic Video Cassette Recorder. We would particularly advise that you carefully study the Operating Instructions before attempting to operate the unit and that you note the listed precautions.
  • Page 3: Controls And Components

    Controls and Components Keep this page open as you read through the Operating Instructions. Refer to it for the control and component names and numbers which appear in the text. ° ∏ Í <EJECT DIRECT TIMER RECÁ ¥REC/OTR TV REC A.DUB °°...
  • Page 4: Preparing The Remote Control

    VCR 1/2 switch ° immediately and dispose of them correctly. Set to the “VCR 2” position when using two Panasonic ≥ Make sure that the batteries are inserted with the polarity VCRs. (See page 37.) (+ and -) correctly aligned.
  • Page 5: Warning And Important Information

    Warning and Important Information As this equipment gets hot during use, operate it in a well ventilated place; do not install this equipment in a confined space such as a book case or similar unit. IMPORTANT Your attention is drawn to the fact that the recording of pre-recorded tapes or discs or other published or broadcast material may infringe copyright laws.
  • Page 6: Setting The Remote Control To Operate Your Tv

    AV Input on Your Panasonic TV ≥ Some TV models cannot be operated with this remote control. Your Panasonic TV uses one of three different methods for switching between TV reception and the AV input(s). Perform Set the VCR/TV switch to “TV”.
  • Page 7 List of TVs Compatible with the VCR’s Remote Control Manufacturer Code Manufacturer Code Panasonic 01 –04 SIEMENS AIWA SINUDYNE 05, 06, 33 AKAI 27, 30 SONY BLAUPUNKT TELEFUNKEN 10 –14 BRANDT 10, 15 THOMSON 10, 15 BUSH 05, 06 TOSHIBA...
  • Page 8: Connecting And Preparations For A Tv Equipped With The Q Link Function

    Download) if you connect the VCR to your TV with a fully-wired 21-pin Scart cable (not supplied). Depending on the manufacturer, the equivalent of the Q Link function has a different name and may not work exactly the same. “Q Link” is a registered trademark of Panasonic. °...
  • Page 9: To Simultaneously Set Up This Vcr With A New Tv

    Preset Download Function Hints: ≥ If you use a Panasonic TV and perform the operation step The Preset Download function automatically copies the tuning 1, starting the downloading of the setup data will position of all available TV stations into the VCR’s memory automatically display the “Download”...
  • Page 10: Connecting And Preparations For A Tv Not Equipped With The Q Link Function

    Connecting and Preparations for a TV Not Equipped with the Q Link Function If you are connecting your VCR to a TV using RF coaxial cable and 21-pin Scart cable, then Method 1. follow the steps below. (AV Connection) Aerial (not supplied) Aerial lead (not supplied) TV (not supplied)
  • Page 11: Auto Setup Function

    If you are connecting your VCR to a TV using Method 1, Hint: follow the operations explained below. ≥ If you select “Schweiz”, “Suisse” or “Svizzera” on the Country setting menu, the Display setting menu appears Auto Setup Function automatically to let you set the item “Power save” to “ON”. In this setting, the VCR’s power consumption is minimised The Auto Setup function automatically tunes all available TV when it is off (Standby mode).To turn the VCR on, keep the...
  • Page 12 Tuned Correctly by the Auto Setup Select an unoccupied programme position (which is Function not tuned to a TV station). See page 11. If you are using a Panasonic TV, select programme position “0”. Set the VCR/TV switch to “VCR”. Press the VCR-ON/OFF button to switch the VCR If the Picture on the TV’s Video Playback...
  • Page 13: Playback

    Playback Preparations Notes: ≥ Confirm that the VCR is on. ≥ Cue, review or slow playback will be automatically ≥ Confirm that the TV is on and the VCR viewing channel is cancelled after 10 minutes, and still playback after 5 selected.
  • Page 14 Convenient Automatic Functions To Stop Playback Automatically VCR Auto Power On (Playback Off Timer Function) When you insert a video cassette, the VCR switches on If you set the playback duration, the playback will stop automatically. automatically. Auto Playback Start After the set playback time has elapsed, the VCR When you insert a video cassette with a broken erasure automatically stops playback and switches off.
  • Page 15: Recording

    Recording Preparations To Immediately Record the ≥ Confirm that the VCR is on. Same TV Programme That You ≥ Confirm that the TV is on and the VCR viewing channel is selected. Are Viewing on the TV ≥ Set the VCR/TV switch to “VCR”.
  • Page 16: To Select The Recording Duration And Perform Timer Recording (Otr Recording)

    To Prevent Accidental Erasure of Recorded Linked Timer Recordings with a Contents Digital Receiver When you record again onto a previously When the AV2 socket of this VCR is connected by a 21-pin recorded video cassette, the previous cable to a Digital Receiver, it is possible to have timer recording is automatically erased and recordings for a Digital Receiver execute automatically simply replaced with the new recording.
  • Page 17: Timer Recording

    Timer Recording This function lets you programme the VCR for unattended automatic recording of desired TV programmes when you are not at home or sleeping. Press the SP/LP button to set the desired tape You can programme timer recordings in two different ways: speed.
  • Page 18: To Programme With The Showview Function

    To Programme with the ShowView Function Press the TIMER REC button to switch the VCR The ShowView numbers assigned to each TV programme over to the timer recording standby mode. and published alongside the TV programme listings in ≥ Check that “Á” is lit on the VCR display. newspapers and magazines make it extremely easy to set the If it is flashing, check the timer recording details again.
  • Page 19: Other Timer Recordings And Convenient Functions

    Other Timer Recordings and Convenient Functions Setting the Recording Date/Day(s) Condition for correct operation of the Auto SP/LP Change function: Perform this operation in operation step 3 when programming ≥ The tape length of the inserted cassette must be set a timer recording with the On Screen Display, or in operation correctly.
  • Page 20 Programming a Timer Recording of a To Change a Timer Recording Satellite Programme Programming The programming of a timer recording of a satellite It is not possible to change a programming while the timer programme can be performed in the same way as for normal recording is being performed.
  • Page 21: (Programme List Search)

    To Cancel the Programming of a Timer To select a Timer-Recorded Recording Programme from the List and It is not possible to cancel a programming while the timer Quickly Locate Its Beginning for recording is being performed. Automatic Playback ≥ Display the VCR picture on the TV. ≥...
  • Page 22: Search Functions

    Search Functions To Quickly Find the Beginning To Search for a Desired of a Desired Programme Programme While Checking the (VISS=VHS Index Search Recorded Contents on a System) Cassette (Intro-Jet Scan) This VCR automatically records special index signals on the This VCR automatically records special index signals on the tape every time a recording is started.
  • Page 23: Editing

    Editing Assemble Editing When that point is reached, press the Pause/Slow button again to start recording the new picture and The assemble editing function makes it easy to record the sound from the playback unit. picture and sound of virtually any number of scenes or programmes in succession.
  • Page 24: Album Function

    Album Function The album function lets you collect desired scenes (both To Change the Recording Time: moving and still pictures) and create the equivalent of a After step 1 or 3, press the INDEX L or INDEX K button photo album, but on video cassette. The pictures can be copied onto the cassette from a video movie camera, a change the recording time.
  • Page 25: Audio Dubbing

    Audio Dubbing Preparations This function lets you insert narration, background music or ≥ Connect the audio equipment or a video movie camera to special sound effects in previously made recordings. this VCR with an audio cable. However, this automatically erases the original sound in the ≥...
  • Page 26: Connecting The Vcr To A Decoder

    Connecting the VCR to a Decoder To connect this VCR to a decoder, make the connections AV Link Function shown in the illustration below. If the VCR is connected to the TV via a 21-pin Scart cable, For the connection to the TV, see pages 8 and 10. you can use AV LINK button to switch the TV from normal TV reception over to the video playback channel (AV input)
  • Page 27: Connecting The Vcr To A Satellite Receiver Or Digital Receiver

    Connecting the VCR to a Satellite Receiver or Digital Receiver Satellite receiver here includes a digital receiver. If the Satellite Receiver Is Not Equipped with a 21-Pin Scart Socket The connection method differs depending on the type of your In case your satellite receiver is not equipped with a 21-pin satellite receiver.
  • Page 28 To Prepare the VCR for Remote-controlled Hint: ¡ If you select “RF” in step 3, “Satellite - Position” is set Operation of the Satellite Receiver automatically and it is not possible to change the satellite (Setting the Tuner Type) programme position here. If you want to change it, refer to This VCR lets you change the programme position on the page 30.
  • Page 29 To Prepare the Satellite Receiver ≥ Some satellite receivers offer less than 99 channels. In this case, the number of the satellite channels that can To make it possible for the VCR to control the satellite be controlled from the VCR is the same. receiver, the satellite receiver must be left in a certain ≥...
  • Page 30: Tuning And Assigning The Tv Stations Available In Your Area To The Programme Positions (Manual Tuning)

    Tuning and Assigning the TV Stations Available in Your Area to the Programme Positions (Manual Tuning) This VCR has 99 programme positions that can be preset to To Enter or Change the Name of a TV receive TV stations. Station Usually, if you switch the VCR on for the first time after making the necessary connections, the VCR will start the Download or Auto Setup function automatically so that all...
  • Page 31 To Obtain the Best Tuning Condition To Enter Newly Available TV Stations Press the MENU button to display the Main menu on Press the MENU button to display the Main menu on the TV screen. the TV screen. Press the Cursor buttons (3421) to select “Tuning”...
  • Page 32: Screen Display

    To Change the Type of Video System To Facilitate the Following Operations with (Colour TV system) the Instruction Indications on the On Screen Display Press the MENU button to display the Main menu on ≥ To delete a programme position the TV screen.
  • Page 33: Restarting The Auto Setup Or Downlad

    Restarting the Auto Setup or Download/ Resetting the VCR to the Shipping Condition Performing Auto Setup or Download automatically tunes all To Return the VCR to the Shipping TV stations available in your area for the VCR. Condition Restarting this function is convenient when you move to If you want to reset the VCR to the factory preset condition, another area and may need to set up the VCR again.
  • Page 34: Setting The Vcr's Clock

    Setting the VCR’s Clock Usually, the VCR’s Auto Setup or Download function To Activate the Automatic Time Correction automatically adjusts the clock to the correct time. Function Under some reception conditions, however, the VCR cannot set the clock automatically. If a TV station transmits a signal for time setting, performing In this case, follow the operation steps below to manually set the operation steps below activates the Automatic time the clock.
  • Page 35: Other Convenient Functions (Various Settings)

    Other Convenient Functions (Various Settings) Settings for the Main Menu Indications that Can Be Displayed on the TV Screen with This Function: Item “Display” At a press of the OSD/DISPLAY button , the following indications appear on the TV screen. For Automatic Display of the Channel Guide on the TV Screen Each Time You ARD PAL...
  • Page 36: Settings For The Main Menu Item "Functions

    For Automatic Change of the Brightness For Reduced the VCR’s Power of the VCR Display When the VCR Is Consumption When the VCR Is Switched Switched Off Press the MENU button to display the Main menu on Press the MENU button to display the Main menu on the TV screen.
  • Page 37: Language Setting

    VCR. VCR 2: Select this setting on both the VCR and the remote control when using this VCR and another Panasonic VCR in the same place. This ensures that you can operate both VCRs independently with their respective remote control.
  • Page 38: Glossary

    Glossary Changes in VPS (Video Programme System)/ Programming Non- ShowView ShowView method ShowView program- PDC (Programme Delivery Control) program- program- ming The Video Programme System (VPS) or the Programme ming start ming Delivery Control (PDC) is a very convenient system which Selected time assures that the TV programmes you have programmed for...
  • Page 39: Pin Scart Socket

    Q Link Function Note: ≥ If “Power save” is set to “ON”, the Q Link functions do not This function works only if the VCR is connected via a fully- work when the VCR is switched off (standby mode). wired 21-pin Scart cable to a TV featuring the Q Link or similar function.
  • Page 40: Before Requesting Service

    Before Requesting Service Before requesting service, please check the following points. √ √ √ √ √ On Screen Display Messages √ √ √ √ √ The VCR Does Not Work Correctly The error messages are given in brackets [ ]. The symptom descriptions are given between quotation marks “...
  • Page 41 √ √ √ √ √ Recording Is Not Possible or Does Not √ √ √ √ √ The Remote Control Does Not Work Work Properly Correctly The symptom descriptions are given between quotation The symptom descriptions are given between quotation marks “...
  • Page 42: Adjusting The Playback Picture

    Adjusting the Playback Picture Under normal conditions, the VCR automatically adjusts the playback picture for optimum quality. However, in some cases it may be necessary to adjust it manually. If the Picture Contains Noise Bars and It Is Not Clear to See (Tracking adjustment): If noise bars appear during normal playback, slow playback or still playback, follow the operations below.
  • Page 43: Cautions

    Cautions Be sure to read the cautions carefully before you operate this VCR. Video head clogging The video heads record the picture signals on the tape Avoid sudden changes in temperature during recording and read picture signals from the tape If the VCR is moved suddenly from a cold to a warm place, during playback.
  • Page 44: Specifications

    Specifications NV-SJ410 Series Power Source: 220–240 V AC 50/60 Hz Power Consumption: 19 W Power Consumption When in Standby Mode: Approx. 3 W (When Power save function is activated) Video Recording System: 2 rotary heads, helical scanning system Video Heads:...
  • Page 46 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Central P .O. Box 288, Osaka 530-91, Japan...