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Precautions - Panasonic NV-SJ3MK2AM Operating Instructions Manual

Video cassette recorder line recording
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Please read these precautions before you
operate this VCR (Line Recording).
– Humidity and dust.
– Extreme heat such as direct sunlight.
– Magnets or electromagnetic objects.
– Touching internal parts of the VCR (Line
– Water or some other liquid.
– Lightning. Disconnect the aerial plug from the
VCR (Line Recording) during lightning storms.
– Anything heavy on the VCR (Line Recording).
– Connecting or handling the equipment with
wet hands.
– Using a cell phone near the VCR (Line
Recording) because doing so may cause
noise to adversely affect the picture and
– Wipe the VCR (Line Recording) with a clean
and dry cloth.
– Install the VCR (Line Recording) in a
horizontal position.
– Keep the VCR (Line Recording), TV and other
equipment switched off until you have
finished all connections.
Condensation may form in the following
– The VCR (Line Recording) is brought from
cold surroundings into a well-heated room.
– The VCR (Line Recording) is suddenly
brought from cool surroundings, such as an
air-conditioned room or car, to a place which
is hot and humid.
– In any of the above-mentioned conditions, do
not operate the VCR (Line Recording) for at
least 1 hour.
This VCR (Line Recording) is not equipped
with a dew sensor.
Dirt on the Video Heads
If the video heads get dirty, pictures will not be
recorded or played back clearly.
(See the following conditions.)
Small amount
Normal picture
of dirt
If this happens, clean the video heads with a
commercially available cleaning cassette.
If the problem still persists after performing the
above, contact qualified service personnel to
request assistance.
Large amount
of dirt

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