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Siemens S35i Service Manual

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Local Service Organization Service Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Local Service Organization Service Manual S I E M E N S I N F O R M A T I O N A N D C O M M U N I C A T I O N M O B I L E V1.0...
  • Page 2 T able of Contents V1.0...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Hardware Description Power Supply Concept Over voltage Condition Battery – Charging Short Circuit Protection Charging S35i Mobile Phone Spare Parts Level 2 Disassembling/Assembling the S35i Mobile Software Programming Mobile Software Updating Language Groups Customer Specific Initialization International Mobile Equipment Identity...
  • Page 4: Level 2 Service Guide

    Chapter Level 2 Service Guide Introduction The document is intended to help you carry out repair up to Level 2 on the S35i series mobile phone. The repair for international version and Asian variants are identical unless otherwise noted, therefore the description herein is confined to S35i only.
  • Page 5 S35 i Technical Information System GSM Phase 2/Phase 2+, Dual Band EGSM 900, Class 4(2 Watt) GSM 1800, Class 1(1 Watt) Operating Voltage 3.6V Size(LxWxH) 118 x 46 x 21 mm(without antenna) Volume 89cm including battery (approx) Weight 105g including battery (approx) Battery(Standard) Li-Ion, 600mAH (Standard) Standby time...
  • Page 6 PIN 1 & 2 Code Control Phone code 4 to 8 digit code Network function Automatic and manual network selection Chipset Siemens E – GOLD V 1.2 WAP Browswer Version 1.1 (SMS &CSD) Other Features Clock / Alarm Alarm List Built-in modem...
  • Page 7: Accessories

    Tegic T9 Accessories: 1. Standard Battery L36880-N4001-A100 2. Optional Battery L36880-N4001-A101 3. Standard Charger L36280-Z4-CXXX (Country Variant) 4. Travel Charger L36880-N4001-A103 (EU) / A104 (UK) Similar to standard charger with an universal input voltage from 90 ~ 240V 4. Desk Top Charger L36880-N4001-A102 5.
  • Page 8: General Information

    General Information Due to different requirements of the markets, the S35i has different variants, which broadly classified under International version and Asian version. Marketing name for international version is S35i, whereas Asian version is named 3568i. The different for ASIAN version is only mobile software.
  • Page 9 5. Wireless Datagram Protocol Allows WAP to be bearer independent by adapting the transport layer of the underlaying bearer. WDP presents a consistent data format to the higher layer of the WAP stack. V1.0...
  • Page 10 S35 Series Mechanical Diagram FIGURE 2.1 S35I MECHANICAL DIAGRAM. Please take note that the number(s) used here IS NOT the part number, DO NOT used it in your spare parts purchase order. A l w a y s r e f e r t o t h e S E R V I C E P A R T P R I C E L I S T f o r y o u r s p a r e p a r t o r d e r .
  • Page 11: Mechanical Concept

    The mechanical concept of the S35i differs in various points from the one of the other Siemens mobile telephones. The first thing you will experience is how the housing is locked. In S35i no screws are used to keep the housing closed. Also inside the telephone no screws are used anymore. To open the housing, which is kept closed by catches only, a special opening tool has been defined.
  • Page 12: Hardware Concept - Block Diagram

    Hardware Concept – Block Diagram FIGURE 2.2 S35 I BLOCK DIAGRAM. V1.0...
  • Page 13: Hardware Description

    Hardware Description The handset consists of the following major integrated circuits: 1) E-GOLD (PMB 2850) This IC is a combination of microprocessor and signal processor. The microprocessor part of this component is responsible for controlling the keyboard, SIM- Card, Flash and RAM. Furthermore it controls the power up/power down of the RF module and sets the amplification of the PA.
  • Page 14: Over Voltage Condition

    ASIC. The RF power amplifier is directly connect to the battery, a bad battery with high internal resistance can cause malfunction of the S35i phone. The Logic module uses 1.92V, 2.65V & 2.9V generated by voltage regulators inside the ASIC.
  • Page 15: Battery - Charging

    Nickel Metal Hyride (NiMH) 500mAH battery pack (For C35 phone). PHOTO 2.3 S35i SERIES INSERTING BATTERY. For S35i, BATT+ has a voltage level from +3.0V to 5.5V, and a BATT_TEMP contact is used for detecting abnormal increase in temperature of the battery.
  • Page 16: Charging

    3. Insert the battery into the S35i and put the phone into the desktop charger. Wait for approximately 10 second, then the mobile can be switched on. Charging The battery can be charged when it is inserted into the phone. The charging process is completely controlled by the mobile.
  • Page 17 b) Normal charge When the battery voltage is above the a.m. value (e.g. by trickle charge) the mobile will start the normal charging mode and show a charging symbol in the display. * Always normal charge a new battery or a deep discharged battery for more then 12 hours before first use.
  • Page 18 Mobile Phone S35i Spare Parts Level 2 Battery Cover L36158-A34-B.. Button Wipp Voice Memo Batterie Li-Ion L36158-A34-C192 L36145-K1310-X127 Lower Case Shell L36158-A34-B20 Button Voice Memo L36158-A34-C191 Vibra-Alert Unit L36453-Z5-C77 Cover IRDA-Interface L36158-A34-C140 Battery Contact Spring Button Wipp Volume L36334-Z97-C113 L36158—A34-C182...
  • Page 19 Disassemble the S35i A case opener is needed to disengage the latch of the S35i casing. PHOTO 2.5 C35/S35i CASE OPENER The part number for this mandatory tool is F30032-P46-A1 Refer to ANNEX B of Chapter 3 for Service Equipment List.
  • Page 20 Use the Case Opener carefully disengaged the catches of the Lower housing and Upper housing to separate the housing and the Control Board Assembly as in PHOTO 2.8 PHOTO 2.8 DISASSEMBLE S35i – STEP 3 Disassemble/Assemble of the Lower Housing Assembly...
  • Page 21 Open the housing with the opening tool and carefully pull the lower housing section off as illustrated in PHOTO 2.11 PHOTO 2.11 Control Board Assy – STEP 1 PHOTO 2.12 Disassemble Control Board Assy – STEP 2 STEP 2: Unlock the catches of the Display Module from the Control Board and move the display module to the lower part of the PCB.
  • Page 22 Please use new loudspeaker for assembling Upper Housing Assembly. For assembly of a new Upper Housing install a new earphone first, watch out for the orientation. For install of the other parts just reverse the sequence for the disassembly. Assemble the S35i V1.0...
  • Page 23 I f a n y p a r t i s n o t O . K p l e a s e r e p l a c e i t w i t h a n e w p a r t . PHOTO 2.16 ASSEMBLE S35i – STEP 1 PHOTO 2.17 ASSEMBLE S35i – STEP 2 STEP 2: Clear the dust on the display screen of the Display module and the Upper Housing by an air gun.
  • Page 24: Mobile Software Programming

    ALL CATCHES MUST BE ENGAGED COMPLETELY! Mobile Software Programming Model before C25 and S35i, software used for the mobile are similar except for their differences in the language group. Customer specific values (e.g. ringing tones etc) are seldom, but there were some, were included in the common mobile software.
  • Page 25: Mobile Software Updating

    Because of the new type of external connector used in S35i (Lumberg type) an additional adapter cable between mobile and boot adapter is required. Table 2.1 listed all the hardware requirements If you use the S35i battery dummy, then make sure that the power supply voltage is correctly adjusted 4V and 3A rating. Description Part No.
  • Page 26: Language Groups

    SOFTWARE IS A DOS-BASED PROGRAM, IT IS ADVISABLE TO DO THE SOFTWARE UPGRADE IN DOS ENVIRONMENT. Languague Groups There are over 20 languages for the S35i series in total. These languages are divided into groups as follows SLG 1 English, german, french, italian, dutch...
  • Page 27: Customer Specific Initialization

    Flow chart 2.1 illustrates the software programming process. Power up the PC Software Plug in the Boot in DOS upgrading in Adapter to the environment progress PC and Mobile Execute the Connect the AC “Mobile S/W” adapter to the Error Boot Adapter Power up Boot Error...
  • Page 28: International Mobile Equipment Identity

    S35i series IMEI label is accessible by removing the battery. It is illustrated in Photo 2.34. PHOTO 2.21 S35I SERIES IMEI LABEL On this IMEI label, Siemens has also includes the date code for production or service, which conforms to the industrial standard DIN EN 60062.
  • Page 29: Phone Unblocking

    * # 0 0 0 3 * - - - - - - - - # The Master Phone Code can be obtained by: 1. Fax to Siemens Hotline in Germany Siemens AG ICP CD SH World Service Center, Bocholt, Germany +49-2871-91-3007 2.
  • Page 30 PHOTO 2.22 INTERNET PAGE PHOTO 2.23 INTERNET PAGE: MASTER PHONE CODE Contact your Service Manager for more information regarding setting up of the INTERNET SOLUTION & its installation procedure, ASC/T002/98. V1.0...
  • Page 31: Disclaimer

    Disclaimer: This content is subjected to change without notice. Copyright © 1999 Siemens Advanced Engineering Pte Ltd ICP CD Asia Service Center, 164, Kallang Way, #04-22, Kolam Ayer Industrial Estate, Singapore 349248 Author: Tan Guan San. Phone +65-8454822 • Fax +65-8426641...